Latest Trends in Sleepwear

Looking for the right motivation to stay in your pajamas all day?
There are days where getting out of bed is really hard.Fashion is proposing meeting there some sort of common thread between the bedroom and daily activities. This connection is represented by a fashion trend that is depopulated, and that we will see more and more present: the pajamas all day long.

Floral or striped, silk or satin pajamas were often revisited by the jet-set and inserted into the wardrobe not only for the night, but as a garment to be worn during the day and at parties.

Born in Hollywood in the ’20s and’ 30s by the fantasy costume designer of Adrien dive, pajamas are also conquering the spring / summer of 2016.

Coco Chanel made it her own brand, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo were among the first star to wear shiny silk pajamas even out of the bedroom and pictures that portray in these clothes have become iconic.
Bearers of a ‘bohemian allure, shiny pajamas convey a ‘sophisticated and decadent elegance, aristocratic and relaxed at the same time.

Many stylists and designers have entered the classic pajamas in their summer collections, creating a trend that catches the attention and does not go unnoticed.

After the trend of sleeping tops at countesssleepwear, transposition of the daywear to nightwear, we switched to slipwear in the round: tunics read, silk blouses, wide trousers and soft and whimsical kimonos.
The combinations that we suggest require canvas sneakers, slip on loafers or jeweled flip-flops during the day and high heels in the evening, but for the most daring and bold the perfect match to also bring in the city is the one with slippers and sleepers, just as we have just descended from a hotel room.
Some jewelry to embellish the look and hairdo almost casually or soft left with few waves.
A trend that will not only women, but will also take place in the male wardrobe with floral touches and exotic prints, in full revival inspired by the genius of Salvador Dali.Sunglasses for those who love good music