Larissa Rojas Sneakers

Today is the day to descend the jump on the Hunch of Luxury and plunge into the universe of shoes that conquered dancers and Cinderellas everywhere in the world:the SHOES! Although she never will have the processing power of heels, a sneaker is chic and eternal in itself. Is simple and elegant, and remains as one of the few shoes without heel that the fashion world has adopted and loves. And is comfortable. The Muse Brigitte Bardot sex on flawless Audrey Hepburn, the sneaker has always had a share of famous fans. Before becoming an actress, Muse of sex and fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot was a dancer. He was also a loyal fan of Reppeto shoes with tip. When Bardot signed the contract to participate in the film “and God created woman” (Roger Vadim in 1956) asked Rose Repetto to do a pair of sneakers for her use in the, now legendary, mambo scene. Madame Repetto, working on little shop of the Rue La Paix, created for Bardot a pair of red shoes. The actress immediately fell in love with them. When the film was released, Bardot and sneakers became a sensation overnight. A year later, Audrey Hepburn put on his own pair in the dance scene in the movie “Cinderella in Paris”, and the shoes again flew from the screens to the streets. Today, 50 years later, the same footwear that Bardot and Hepburn loved are still so you want as soon as possible!

And why not take advantage of the day to give a pretty sneaker? In Campo Grande/MS shop LARISSA ROJAS SNEAKERS is feraaa in the subject. The Manager Larissa Rojas graduated in law in 2010, and a year later married and went to live in the State, where he began working with fashion stylish sneakers. During that time, gained experience with the business and the volume of sales increased significantly, exceeding their expectations. In 2012 he went back to Campo Grande and began to assemble a network of sellers in the State and even outside of it, so the idea of a kiosk to increase product visibility and brand, which takes your name: LARISSA ROJAS SNEAKERS! The kiosk, mounted on the North South Plaza Shopping Mall, with 3 months of operation was the biggest success. Not behaving more the products and not the amount of customers, the Manager saw the need for a larger space, a proposal to turn the little kiosk in a beautiful shop! The models of SHOES LARISSA ROJAS arise and demand trends follow them faithfully, adding style and comfort. The great differential of the brand is that all products have a padded heel region protection, protecting against calluses and possible injury, providing a better fit of the shoes on my feet, stating your quality and making them extremely comfortable, combined with your beauty, of course! And you know the most impressive? The mega prices comrades: between R $49.90 and R $79.90!!! Show, neh? Super palpiteco BBB for mother’s day!

Check some models we found in LARISSA ROJAS SNEAKERS!!!

And ae girls, enjoyed this little tip BBB? You like sneakers?