Large And Special Sizes We Also Have Beautiful Lingerie

Large And Special Sizes We Also Have Beautiful Lingerie

For those of us who have a special cup or a larger contour than what is considered “standard”, it has always been difficult to find lingerie… but if we add it, pretty and at a good price, the item becomes “mission impossible”. Does it ring you?

Well, as I was clear, when I started with the project KoSa Illusion, I decided that I would try to include, whenever possible, lingerie for large and special sizes as described in 800zipcodes. And so it has been. We have achieved that some of the manufacturers have expanded their size or incorporate new collections in large sizes and / or special, with which to respond to your needs and that encourages me to continue:-). For example, next week I’ll introduce you to a new blog post, with swimwear: bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits… also for big sizes.

So today, I show you different models you’ll find in our online store, which meet these requirements: sizes from 85 to 130 cups B, C, D, F, G and H even. We can get a bra, for example, in a size 85 H, to give you the idea or120B. In any case, if in some model you do not find your size, send me a message and I’ll try to bring it.

All our models, they have wide straps and a full design cup, many of them padded or semi-quilted, to enhance the breast in a natural way, besides giving great support, comfort and flexibility… details that, at least, I ask To a bra.

Let’s see what you think of these outfits…

You can find many more models of bras and panties in the section of Large Size Lingerie. In addition, you may be interested in reading the previous entry on the colors of spring, in which I also presented some more model in large sizes. As always, before finishing, I remind you that you have on our website a Size Guide so that you can easily find your size, but if so, you just did not see it clear, you can send me a message and I’ll be glad to help you.If when you receive the garment, you do not do well, do not worry, the changes are free .Ahhhh and remember that from 50 euros the freights are free.

Well now… see you around Easter, with many new features Enjoy these days!