Ladies Hooded Coats and Jackets

In the new season designers presented the fashion collections of stylish jackets hood. According to experts, these patterns is a great option for active girls, beginners career, students and those looking for a stylish, economical subject of a cloak.

First, the skin Mouton belongs to the category of inexpensive robots. Secondly, a short mehovoe product now includes affordable. And thirdly, warm hood perfectly offset a small length. Furthermore, skin Mouton is severe enough, and in a short jacket with a hood, it hardly felt.

This season designers offer a great selection of stylish models mutonovыh hooded jackets. The most popular are considered waist belt. Such models emphasize femininity completeness of the figures at the expense of emphasis on the waist. Moreover, the importance acquired hood. These models are ideal for flat shoes movement. Of course, the image in such Faso does not differ romantichnostyyu and sophistication, but highlighted qualities such as independence, activity and self-confidence.
In addition, designers offer combined jacket with hood. In the new collections appear models decorated with inlays of collar or chernoburki, fox, raccoon.

Modern Color Hooded Jackets

This season designers offer girls prefer classic colors. Mouton black jacket with hood are considered the most popular and universal. These models are combined with clothing in almost any style. Mouton jacket with hood white create a gentle romantic images. Also date remains the most popular of these jackets brown.