Ladies Hats Vintage Style

Impossible not to notice this trend who moved for a few years already. More than a fleeting style, vintage fashion has been very largely democratized and takes even the place on new trends. Lack of renewal in the fashion or nostalgia of the past? Anyway, the look pinup to the dandy, the retro look style seduced both women than men.

We know that the headgear at the time was a staple of any wardrobe self-respecting. If today some forms of hats have been abandoned over the years, the vintage trend allows many models to return to the front of the stage, and with great success! Small, melons, hats bells… hats that were the ultimate a few years ago. If you are looking for the retro headgear of your dreams, you’re in the right place: here is a small overview of the models who return with success, and brilliantly!

Vintage Women's Hats

The Wide Brim Hat

Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monreo… The canons of beauty at that time is not separated from that.Symbol of elegance and femininity, the hood were also worn by women in the course of the twentieth century. With sometimes excessive edges, it is particularly befitting to the slender silhouettes. Today, we find the wide-brimmed hat on many stars who adopt him on the red carpet as on a daily basis.

How to Wear it?

The possibilities are endless: dresses, skirts, pants… Winter, felt models provide an elegance and warmth in all circumstances. Summer, we’ll pick them in straw for days on the beach or walks in cities. More edges are large, pus the wide-brimmed hat will protect you from the Sun. To play the total look, you can opt for a retro dress with a wide-brimmed hats carefully chosen by internetages. Colourful, neutral, felt or straw, broad edges or moderate, there again you have the choice. If you’re small, avoid the small edges very broad in order to not pack the silhouette.

The Cloche Hat

In the same way as the sunbonnet, the bell shape was the star of the Annees Folles. Worn with a dress, the cloche hat was driven up to the eyebrows and concealed the upper face. With the ‘garçonne’ fashion, women leave their large and imposing stronger for adopt models more practices on a daily basis and, above all, less bulky. Worn by stars like Louise Brooks, Annie Duperay, Bette Davis, is THE reference for women’s hat. Widely represented at the cinema or today in the TV series like Miss Marple or the Investigation of Miss Fisher, the little hat no tussles in with celebrity!

How to wear it?

Here, it is better to opt for a style dressed to do not create bad taste with a more modern style offset. Worn with a dress type 20 years or, quite simply, a dress dressed, the cloche Hat will be the best effect. For those who would be in lack of inspiration, the series above TV are full of interesting looks. Note that the check mark will suit more easily fine faces to faces more rounded. Just like the wide-brimmed hat, there are straw bells models, more casual for sunny days.