Kosmo Lupo Mens Jeans

You’ve probably already met on the streets of the models of jeans for men of the Kosmo Lupo brand without knowing. Indeed, if the name of this brand is unknown in France, it has a strong commercial success. Landed in the middle of the 2000s, the brand Kosmo Lupo whose logo contains the shadow of a wolf is very marked and has a unique signature in the world of men’s fashion.

Kosmo Lupo, Jeans Identifiable Trend at The First Glance

The strong point of the brand to the Wolf, is primarily Visual. The creators have worked each of the jeans that make up the collection automotiveqna with the greatest care, pushing the details up.

This is how the first collections of jeans were broadcast in French, and much appreciated by customers, stores because until then, offered too few marks of real jeans fashion, with a strong and urban identity. However, the brand has had a drop in form with the release of the 2012 winter collection, which unfortunately was not at the level of the previous.

The 2012 collection, lost part of his identity with less work and less signed models. This collection was replaced however by the next, and the 2013 Spring collection, with models for man worthy of the glorious past of the brand. We find so with pleasure models original and well worked, with overlays of materials double models or triple belts, as fans of the brand love.

Kosmo Lupo, jeans fashion at sharp prices

Another strong point of the brand: the price of these jeans. The latest collection is sold from 50 euros for an entry-level jeans, which is very correct and that no lack of details. Who said entry-level home the brand Kosmo Lupo does not low-end. Models of jeans are worked very seriously, and the quality is very good. Finally most of the collection for men is located in prices ranging from 55 to 60 euros, which is suitable for this type of product fashion and trendy prices.