Knitting Scarf Winter

Knitting Scarves For Winter 2013

As winter goes approaching, people are going to be planning with cold parts, like boots, coats and, also, the scarves, which are indispensable accessories in times of lower temperatures. The knitting scarves are found ready, for sale, but you can also make your home, in the manner and with the colors you like.

The scarves are great winter accessories, as well as protect the neck against the cold, they adorn the visual and are still an easy, simple and cheap way to be different. That is, you can always wear a pair of jeans, heavy black coat, such as a trench-coat, and change only to your knit blanket, your scarf.

There are several ways to knit a scarf, of the most simple to the most elaborate.There are models of harmonica, the smooth and worked, like those made with “eight”, one of the most beautiful and traditional knitting, also called braid. The blankets and scarves can be made with plain simple or processed wool, scarves with lots of detail are better with wool or smooth lines, more simple.

If you want something current, bet on scarves with the ends sewn together, i.e. knit collars. It’s very simple, you make the scarf the way you like and at the end, instead of leaving loose ends, you seam together, forming a big circle that can be wrapped around his neck.