Knitted Hat with Cat Ears

Funny hats women with ears recently become very popular fashion trend. Of course, these hats are not very many can be seen on fashion runways and high fashion prefers more unusual design, but now the streets to meet those caps – are not uncommon. After all, we all know that although considered high fashion and emerging in the catwalks, our daily insults dictated by Fashion Street, spontaneously. And these trends are appearing on the streets often are more popular and more vivid than those who “live” only within the podium. Let’s take a closer look, what are hats with ears and how to perform the best that image appears really stylish, bright, original and eye-catching, but not ridiculous.

Knit Hat with Ears

Usually knitted hats are very comfortable, warm and stylish accessory that is always, somehow, remains in vogue, only slightly differentiated according to the latest trends. It is therefore not surprising that the most popular is knit hats with ears on top.
Ears of such caps can be knitted as, for example, can play a role with pompons yarn. These knitted hats can be purchased in stores (many stylish hats with ears are brand Zara) and online stores, as well as the clear choice of the latter. But, in addition, such a cap can connect your own. And if you do not believe in your abilities as a seamstress, you can buy ready-cap, and then attach it to the ear – it will also be an original solution.