Kipling Shoes Collection Spring

Hi guys, how are you? Today I’m super happy because, after much effort, I was able to bring to you the new collection of Kipling (which you know I adoroo!). The collection Kipling Shoes Spring 15 was established for women in all their phases, focused on a common objective to all of them: be happy! Isn’t it amazing!?

If you super monkey fan like me, you must be dying of love for the collection. All shoes value for comfort, lightness and fun while maintaining brand identity and, at the same time, following the main fashion trends. The new collection isn’t perfect!? I could prove it in my stay at the store and now I will show you according to

Look 1: For the first look I chose Ballerina Karly which has neutral colours and complete any look with great elegance. The sneaker is made in leaked and suede has a caramel lace up front with metal ponteirinha giving a more sophisticated to look.
Look 2: Running a little more air sofisticadinho of the first look, I used the Ballerina Fany to compose a look to the day to day, is a pretty basic model but gives a special touch to the look for your super beautiful colors and prints.
Look 3: People, this time I’m not on the look! That’s right, my husband entered the game and agreed to try some pieces of the collection too! This is the Snaker Joice suede leaked with the elastic in the same color. The Jhonatan was super stylish with a piece that looks elegant and casual at the same time. The Snaker Joice comes in neutral colors and Basic for any occasion.