Kiko Manicure Kit

By Kiko is a novelty not to be missed, the manicure kit in small or large version, to bring in our favorite holiday enamels.

The pouch is in black imitation leather, very comfortable and built to store and transport the glazes nail laquer of Kiko and everything needed for the beauty of nails.
In addition to space for the enamel, the travel case has a large zippered pocket where preserving manicure tools -such as nail polish remover pads, sticks Manicure and buffer file-and 3 mini pockets for carrying nimbly pens and pencils manicure or nail scissors, clippers and files according to VINTAGEMATTERS.NET.
Its particularly compact structure for transporting even the most fragile objects in comfort and safety. The version Nail care Large travel case contains 8 optionally enamels, while the small form contains 5. Normally the clutch and the glazes are sold separately, but with the balances Kiko launched a splendid offer.
You can choose from the large cosmetic bag or the smaller one and then you can choose 8 or 5 enamels, between 145 shades in promotion to 2.50 euros. Do you want to know the cost? Here are two workarounds:
NAIL CARE TRAVEL CASE SMALL + 5 = enamels Price € 20.00 instead of € 28.40
NAIL CARE TRAVEL CASE LARGE + 8 = enamels Price € 28.00 instead of € 39.40
A manicure kit to carry in trip is what you need for your next holiday, so we can show off our colored nails even at the beach or in the mountains!