Kiabi Models For One Day

“Children today we make a new game: a shooting sets in which you will be the models!”

“One shooo that??”
“It’s a surprise, but you’ll have to wear shirts, skirts and pants and you’ll have to move and play while a photographer will make you a photo!”
“Well the important thing is that you play”, they replied in chorus boys!

When we announced to our children that they should wear clothes offered graciously by Kiabi to attend a photo shoot couldn’t imagine that they would have had inflatables, slides and ball pools at their disposal for a whole afternoon. Check Allcitycodes for fashion model FAQs.

The little Clara (the youngest of the bunch) at the beginning was a little intimidated by the wild rides and by leaps of 5 rowdy, but it took a few minutes to break the ice. About the beautiful Anita that she immediately taken under her wing, teaching her the moves and steps from real model.

The shirts with the words in English, of the new spring 2015, were taken literally stormed by our models for case, who raced to wear them. Then Diego (judo champion) had better winning the red one from “future star”. No doubt about it between a slip and a war of balls our heroes are committed also to make tough expressions and moves from catwalk to the delight of us moms who barely ever encountered the laughter.

Eventually sweaty and satisfied they managed to wear various Cali available and when it was time to go, guess what the collective response …
“But as already???, by even a t-shirt please!”

Special thanks as well as Kiabi who gave us clothes, is for “the Caterpillar Arts Preschool”, nest and bilingual nursery in Milan, which hosted us to do all these beautiful photos and hold off all children!

Black polka dot Skirt Outfit Anita: with pale pink t-shirt with print, caramel-colored pants with blue shirt polka dots, pink pants with a blue t-shirt with print.
Clara’s Outfit: Overalls, salmon pink shirt skirt printed with flowers pattern
Outfit Diego: Blue pants with shirt sleeves with red print
Outfit Damien: shorts with suspenders and red shirt with print
Samuel Outfit: grey polo shirt with yellow print and blue sleeveless jacket
Outfit David: blue shirt and brown pants with pockets, Gray Sweatshirt