Khaki, Operating Instructions

PL biscit all-out within season collections, Khaki comes back once more print gner fall silhouettes. Attention however does not consider the treatment granted this hue, under penalty of pass side of his new nature…

Cornerstone of the strer currente trend army khaki became the seasons a familiar colors of the fashionistas. Who has not already succomb to the call of the parka, the lattice or the military jacket?

Yes but now, strength to see line e in mode first degree, this tint little bit ended up losing of his interest. such point when the living invite new on the catwalks of fall/winter 2014-2015, we say first of all that he was out of the question to stand one or me times for the “Army surplus” look… 

Once is not custom, the persimmon season is r v the however much less Earth-Earth by the pass. It is line in mode s production tribal at Balmain, classic minimalist at Marni, technical comfort at Balenciaga, n o-modest at C line, utility chic at Christopher Kane or still cocooning at Christophe Lemaire, appears more reducing than ever.

So r enchant Khaki, we don’t hesitera so not make him undergo a cure of sweetness in contact with mati res fluffy, confront conventional volumes and teach him the basics of sophistication. We ravaged so c der the ease putting his old parka olive under pr text as Hedi Slimane has jug good drive back in the last collection Saint Laurent Paris…

And if once these few principles respected, we can without too much risk afford to marry khaki shades more military than himself Callyf Affairs (such as Navy Blue or brown), this one will win nevertheless is empower in contact with pastel colours (sky blue, pink fan e, yellow p the), wise and chic white or apricot tints, fuchsia, blond vnitien or gold, but also d leave Scottish tiles for the benefit of the vichy.

Ideas of looks:

This khaki cigarette pants + white top + these sharp loafers s dor + a high bun + necklace
This khaki babydoll dress + this yellow vest + this denim shirt gliss e under the vest and open port + boots
This khaki vest skirt pink + this ray red and white top + these sneakers
Or even this look