Keep Track of Your Refrigerator

A new application helps you to remember when milk, cold meats etc. in your refrigerator should be eaten and drunk.

The application “My fridge” helps you keep track of the open items you have in the fridge, as well as give you a smart shopping list.

Then get an overview of when the milk is drunk and the notice must be eaten at the latest. There is a item list with more than 700 items pre-programmed in the application, so you press just “open” on an item, and the application will find out for yourself when you want it to be drunk or eaten.

In addition to the application makes it easy for you to keep track of your products and always gives you an overview of what your fridge contains, so you also get a smart shopping list with. Here you just cross the goods of which must be in the fridge.

The application helps you to avoid too much food waste. Download application for 6 dollars in Apple’s App Store, it exists both for iPhone and iPad.