Keep Makeup in the Fridge

Have you ever thought to keep makeup and creams in the fridge? Often there are a few precautions that we have towards our products cosmetics that can help preserve them better and longer, especially at certain times of the year.

Typically one of the most common errors from this point of view is to keep the product in places inconvenient for the “life” of cosmetics, such as in the bathroom where the ‘humidity can make them deteriorate earlier than expected, or the changes in temperature that affect the proper preservation, rather than in places where it is easy to take powder or they are constantly under the sunlight.

The””ideal for some cosmetics is the refrigerator if you do not have the option to keep them in a cool place when the ambient temperature is very high, such as in summer.  Keep makeup and creams in the refrigerator can help preserve the ‘effectiveness of internal agents such as anti oxidants, oils and scents that you should keep away from high temperatures.

To preserve products like creams containing the above mentioned agents is enough to keep them in refrigerator, in acontainer well sealed, as well as in a container that can contain all the cosmetic so as to keep them away from the food odors.

An important aspect, which often can make us fall into the error concerns lipsticks: not all are suitable to be kept in the fridge, even someone could be damaged. You must first make a small test by holding a few hours in the fridge if after a while lipstick seem to “sweat”, creating small droplets, it will mean that there is no need to store it in the refrigerator, because the oils are detaching from the rest of the components , leading to the deterioration of the product. Otherwise, you will stay safe in the refrigerator, especially in the summer where the lipsticks are the first cosmetics to feel the influence of rising temperatures.

There are even on the market of cosmetic refrigerators, specifically designed to keep cool make-up and creams, maintaining a constant temperature between 8 and 12 degrees. Online by searching for “cosmetics refrigerator” There are several sites that sell these very fridge, some even in portable travel size. Usually they come with a compartment that can accommodate more products (creams, lotions, gels, serums, facial and body products, cosmetics etc.) And a temperature controller. The design of the refrigerator for cosmetics can also be very nice and original.

Proper preservation of cosmetics can make them last even beyond the expiration date. Have you ever thought of being able to store makeup and creams in the fridge?