Kate Middleton Wearing Hats Better Than all

The hat is a cult accessory of British fashion, on important occasions, ceremonies and walking outdoors should never miss. The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was awarded the prize of “hat of the year” attributed by the Headwear Association with 91% of the votes, a very important recognition that the duchess has blown to Queen Elizabeth… Apparently Kate Middleton wearing hats better than anyone!

The “hat of the year” is a prize that is awarded annually by the Headwear Association to who best interprets the charm and l ‘elegance of this famous accessory. It seems pure folly, but it’s all true, in the world there are those who awards to those who bring the best hat, and will tell you more, it’s a very popular prize in England! In recent years even Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have He won the prize for the best hat of the year, but basically we expected, both these actors often show off very cute hats and even Johnny Depp collects them, it has so many that his partner, Vanessa Paradis, does not have enough space to his shoes. Although in England the bon ton cap is a must as always, we have familiarized with this bizarre accessory on the occasion of the marriage of William and Kate , where we have seen really a lot, including the unforgettable headgear sported by his daughter Sarah Ferguson.

Many best wishes to Kate! In the photo gallery you can see many pictures of hats sported by Kate over the years.