K-Way, Operating Instructions

APER initially at Colette, then on the trend-setter most photographer, k-way has been trying for a few months to improve its image. A molt the last d wire Miu Miu confirms by offering this famous canvas willing able treatment mode breaking radically with its nineties pass…

More than anyone else fun time air-loving, Miuccia Prada incorporates this season in his second line of willing ables-like jackets to y m take to the famous k-way with hant out school of all a generation of coli res and currently making the honey of the fashionistas (see here, here and there).

The mod the that she chooses to treat either as an element “normcore” hand entire fate appease the rococo brocades of the jackets season, either as the potential successor to the denim shirt by sliding it under a jacket in large mesh or an anorak retro flavor.

Decline here in shades studs, this “sous-veste” is rvlera also very effective to inject a touch of espi glerie to camel overcoat,grey oversized vests and other autumnal black liquid trench coats, but also to make it portable in rainy weather to any half-season jacket. We think of caramel leather perfecto, jean jacket or blazer, who will win immediately in modernity (and willing interoperable) at the touch of a pastel raincoat or acid.

Ores and dj assimil by Zara, this stylistic gimmick also has the good taste to offer an alternative cr countered at the port of the “raincoat” solo, which is still quite risky (and this despite the efforts of Maje).

The qu you a jacket match ‘accessible’ pastel able – the mod Miu Miu co you a whopping 410 euros – is so open. An as you which is likely of to reveal arduous, the e-shop of k-way both unfortunately d with “light” colors…