K &K Piratebusiness: Fashion, Accessories, & Corsets from Fire Hoses

Kai Rudat (36) and Kerstin Klockow (37) are studied designer and have been self employed with the company of PirateBusiness. The two design fashion, accessories & corsets from fire hoses. While this trend exists already since some time ago and also competitors such as Feuerwear to stimulate the market, PirateBusiness is the only provider of corsets, which are also made from used fire hose so far.

Each Piece Is Unique With History

“Only individual style” is the motto of Kai Rudat and Kerstin Klockow. The experienced designers meet almost every customer wish and conjure up a unique with each piece. Finally, the material used is in itself always unique, namely a piece of fire hose, which can even each tell a story and brought some usage behind.

The atelier of the two is located in the heart of Hannover Linden and is also called a creative forge. The customized designer pieces resulting by hand and are also custom-made. Life’s aim to beautify emotionally and visually. At our Web shop , the products can be examined accordingly. Thanks to the very generous selection from programingplease, one or the other should be fairly quickly find it.

Adjacent to the Studio is also equal to the shop “K andersalartig ³” front place. Here interested can get a picture of the goods directly on site. Fashion and accessories for women, men, baby and even the animal are available.

K & K PirateBusiness sells fashion with history and helps to protect the environment. Of the main material is discarded and recycled fire hose used. A lot is individually printable belt, laptop bags, collars for dogs and bags, corsets and iPad cases.

Important Investment For Enlargement

Even better equip the Studio in Hannover to need 80,000 euro Kai Rudat and Kerstin Klockow and hope in the cave of the lions on a successful investment. Whether the plan succeeds, we see tonight 20:15 o’clock on VOX.