Justice Sends Block Operators WhatsApp in Brazil for 72 Hours

History repeats itself: the Court determined that the fixed and mobile Internet companies to block WhatsApp on territory national for 72 hours, counting from 14h on Monday (2). It is the second time that the messaging application will be prevented from operating in the country: in December 2015 , the service went off the air because of a police investigation.

The Claro, Nextel, Hi, TIM and Vivo said the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo that received the court order and fulfill the blockade. The fine for Internet companies who break the determination of R $ 500 thousand per day.

The decision was taken by Marcel Montalban judge, the district Lizard (SE). In March , the same judge had ordered the preventive arrest of the vice president of Facebook in Latin America, Diego Dzodan after the social network disobeying court orders in investigations involving organized crime and drug trafficking. Facebook owns WhatsApp since 2014, when it bought the messaging application for the equivalent of more than R $ 50 billion.

When the court ordered the suspension of operation of WhatsApp in December 2015, the blockade was met by operators, but did not last the 48 hours provided. At the time, Judge Raimundo Nonato da Costa Alencar, of Piaui Court of Justice overturned the decision alleging unreasonableness, since it was not appropriate that a local investigation would affect millions of users.

Blocking applications by court order is one of the issues under discussion in the CPI Cybercrime. If one of the bills are approved, the court can only force the connection provider to block application content that do not have representation in Brazil and sites hosted on overseas server. Although owner of the messaging application, Facebook argues that has independent operations, so WhatsApp would not have representation in the country.

The operating mechanism of WhatsApp hinders collaboration with Justice. According to the service, messages sent by users are stored only temporarily on the servers, and deleted as soon as the recipient receives the content. In addition, in April, WhatsApp adopted the tip end encryption in your applications, therefore, not the company itself has access to the messages sent by users.

Upgrade to 14h04. Operators have started to block WhatsApp, complying with the court order. Around 14h, it was no longer able to send or receive messages on mobile networks Claro, Vivo, TIM and Hi. The blockade had also been made in the fixed broadband connections NET, TIM and Vivo.

Upgrade to 14h44. WhatsApp has positioned itself on the matter. In a note to theseason, the company says it does not have the information requested by the Court: “After cooperating with the full extent of our ability with the Brazilian courts, we are disappointed that a judge of Sergipe decided to again order the WhatsApp lock on Brazil. This decision punishes more than 100 million people who depend on our service to communicate, manage its affairs and more, to force us to deliver information that stated repeatedly that we do not, “says the note.

Update on May 3, at 9:11 a.m. Justice denied WhatsApp feature to release the application in the country. The company “never touched to send experts to discuss with the judge and with the relevant police authorities on the feasibility or otherwise of the implementation of the measure,” the judge Cezário Siqueira Neto. It maintained, therefore the suspension for a period of 72 hours.

Upgrade to 14h37. WhatsApp took down the block. With the measure, which takes effect immediately, the application will be released in the coming hours on all operators.