Jumpsuits Are Back in Vogue

Are you among women who prefer a somewhat unusual attire? To stand out from the crowd and go with fashion? Everyone wants to look their best, on the other hand it is true that, as befits a beautiful and slim models a us ‘mortals’ simply not fit.

Surely you’ve noticed an interesting piece of clothing that you know as “ladies overalls.” At first glance it may seem a little strange, but it is a fashion hit, which is back in vogue. And flatters virtually every figure. Let us then say to actually wear overalls?

No clothing or playsuit!

When she expresses “jumpsuit” the first thing I think of, as baby bootees or coveralls, or those related to pajamas for adults, which looks a bit ridiculous. Women overalls, however, account for a much more interesting part of the wardrobe that would be a great shame leavening.

What exactly is a Women’s overalls? Simply put, it is a combination of trousers or shorts with a top. In short, this is one piece of clothing in which to frame the issue in full, and it’s not the dress. Making it eliminates worry about what today put on my trousers? In short, simply dressed and go. Of course overalls is appropriate to add small accessories, namely for jewelry and handbag.

Versatile piece of clothing

Of course, I wonder how it sees experts in fashion, and what do you think of women’s overalls. I spoke Čiháková Adele, who is in charge of fashion brand Esprit.

” Overall it is a very versatile piece of clothing that easily solves the dilemma, if you do not know what to wear. It is worn on a daily occasion, so to parties, just choose the right style. You can choose from many options from šortkových leg, 7/8 length over a long leg. Likewise, you can choose from various lengths of sleeves, coveralls from completely sleeveless jumpsuit along with long sleeves, “he explains.

” The Esprit is a choice of several models of overalls – offers a denim šortkový shirt, khaki with long legs sleeveless blue with long legs and short sleeves or pink jumpsuit, which is on the border overalls and coveralls. The coveralls can wear how convenient low canvas shoes and dress shoes, and sandals with heels. Fill it can be an interesting necklace in the summer then need a hat , “says Adela Čiháková.

Overal for every occasion

Every woman can try overalls regardless of stature and age. Offer women overalls is truly rich. Jumpsuits fits into the city, the beach and even in society.

Prevail fashionable pastel colors and floral patterns. Monochrome jumpsuit can revive small accessory such as a belt or a flower in her hair. For significant overalls prefer to conserve accessories.

Very nicely operates in combination with high heels or the boots on the platform. The short “plážovému” jumpsuit is also suitable for flip-flops or ballet flats.