Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

We ‘just past Christmas we already look at your next party, Valentine’s Day. Missing in fact little more than a month following the day of lovers and to get prepared for this season is our duty to offer accessories and clothes made just for this occasion. Very nice idea comes straight from Louis Vuitton, that within the collection autumn-winter 2010/2011 has entered the line Coeur Inclusion, where resin hearts decorated by the logo Monogram gold and crystals Swarovski become the symbol of love. A collection jewelry of a famous brand but all in all the pretty reasonable price.

We are too early to think about Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day? Definitely not, since there is little more than a month. I imagine that many of you will not want to hear about buying gifts seen that recently passed Christmas, but maybe if it’s a line of jewelry perfect for women in love with the desire to think about this festival will return suddenly.

We are talking of the jewelry line of Louis Vuitton Coeur Inclusion, which offers us some jewelery accessories really very nice and all in all the prices quite content. The protagonist is the heart, which gives shape to rings, pendants, earrings and hair clips and decorating bangle and elastic, all in resin. Available in two colors, red Fauve and transparent, with golden brass decorations and original Swarovski crystals reproduce the classic Monogram logo. Although it is a prestigious brand like Louis Vuitton, the prices are very low: in fact, we go from 135 to 230 Euros.