Jewelry by Tiffany: the World-Famous Jeweler

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and then a pair of beautiful Earrings from America’s world famous tradition for fine jewelry. Since 1837, this jewelry store offers not only the world of women. Who puts much emphasis on high-quality, individual, perfectly processed gold and silver ware, is in good hands at Tiffanys. Whether bracelets, necklaces, rings or the like, here dreams come true.

Perfection down to the smallest detail
At Tiffany, very high value is placed on a perfect finish of the jewels. The traditional house guarantees for generations with his name for the highest, most pristine quality. Each piece of jewelry is an absolute perfection, a work of art of the grade. Since its founding in 1837, the popular jewelry store unchallenged is the most exclusive address for designer jewellery in America. Fascinatingly beautiful brooches in animal form with colour accents, for example, are part of the jewellery such as wedding rings, cuff links, and much more. according to EHISTORYLIB.COM, the offer of the famous jeweller covers jewelry, including accessories such as key chains and pens. Anyone looking for a refined, perfected jewelry made of finest quality, you will find it at Tiffany.

A jeweler as a tourist attraction
Since the classic film of 1961 the branch at the intersection of fifth has become Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan tourist attraction. A revived alone had the look in the shop Windows. In a bun eating and you feel quite like Audrey Hepburn in the film. The Tiffany blue box is as famous as the film, the branch in Manhattan and Tiffany in General, respectively. The special shade of blue such a box is a registered trademark of colour, a blue, which must be used exclusively for Tiffany. This gift box symbolizes what the name Tiffany stands: for masterful art of jewelry. Not only celebrities and millionaires will appreciate the jewels of Tiffany, also Royal houses regularly enjoy the lofty, decorative collection. For example, Tiffany for the Austrian Imperial Court was the House-and purveyor.

Jewelry in consummate perfection. A traditional hotel that can draw on experience for over a century. A jeweler who supplied emperors and Kings and always goes with the time. A branch, which inspired a movie and was a Mecca for tourists. Down to the smallest detail lovingly and skillfully processed, masterful pieces of jewelry. All this combines Tiffany and all of this is reflected in every single piece of jewellery of the company.