Jewelery: it’s Bib-Necklace Craze!

A white shirt, jeans and so on. A casual look, perfect for every day, but also for the evening when paired with cunning maybe a couple of high sandals. However, a look that could happen to often find among your friends, so it is avowedly a master key. How then make a classic look, something unique and amazing? Simple, with a jewel necklace, preferably enormous. Patricia Field docet. We saw it (as you saw it?) Repeated thousands of times on the big screen and I wear our darlings, who in two numbers of Sex and the City adorned every outfit (as if we needed it!) With beautiful and voluminous necklaces, and indeed just a touch of this type, glamourous at the right point to make a simple outfit for any occasion.

I went hunting for “max-necklaces” and I came across in the last pieces by Phillip Lim, brand based in New York, who has five years dominates the scenes of the US fashion (and not only). On the runway for fall 2010, the brand 3.1 Phillip Lim has brought very few accessories, but absolutely notables.

As if to say few but good. In fact they are very bulky to be necklaces, but make the idea very well. It is those who have become famous in America as bib-necklace, namely necklaces-bib, and indeed vaguely remember this typical infant garment into the base, but then decorated with stones, crystals and beads. Do you remember? Even Olivia Palermo, reality star / serial “The City” had created some, and it seems that the United States is already bib-mania. You like?