Jenner Jeans Guide: How To Wear Shorts and Other Parts

CH helps you discover the secrets of the sisters to assemble perfect looks with jeans!

When we think of street style seal looks, two names come straight to the head: Kendall and Kylie Jenner! For fashionistas and trendy inspirations, bet on Kendall. Already for a visu street Megadescolado and sexy, go from Kylie! And what do they have in common? They can both wear jeans in incredible ways! To help you unravel the style secrets of the sisters, we set up a Jenners Jeans guide with various models and parts in the tissue:


You notice that the two of you are into the boyfriend model, more Larguinho, right? Yes, he is very high and can be used in very different ways: Kendall mixed the piece with a camisetão well loose and sneaker, all street and Kylie was a fair dress with salt-ie, right to the ballad!

+ 32 looks with stylish ideas for you to wear your jeans jacket!


The two of them bet on the shirt to create total denim productions. The detail of the collar with the open buttons helps to make the look more detached. While Kendall chose to complement the look with a skinny and metallized shoes, Kylie was short shorts ripped and converse tennis.


No gardener. The Jenners really like it is a jumpsuit with 70s footprint that leaves the tidy look without much effort! Kendall completed production with caramel accessories and Kylie was more basiquinha, choosing just a dark purse.

+ 5 times that Kendall and Kylie used looks very similar!


One piece and two very different styles! For the boho version, Kendall invested in the top with all right, booties, fringe purse and Muuuuuuitos accessories! Already on Look street, Kylie didn’t need much to seal off: a Podrinha regatta, tennis and mirrored glasses got the message.


Kendall is launching fashion with his jeans mom, this model binding unitard on the waist and loose in the legs. Already Kylie bet on good old skinny-no mistake, she goes well with everything!


The trousers Rasgadinhas on the knee are really with everything and leave any more cool look. You can combine the play with a neutral top like Kylie’s or play on Kendall’s fashionista and daring overlap! So, which one do you choose?


Always parade the latest trends on the catwalks, Kendall makes a point to add them to their looks–not just wear flare trousers, it has to be cropped flare! Already Kylie prefers the traditional model to use with her beloved heel! Oh, you got to notice they love cropped too, right?


Do you want a typically Jenner look? So you just wear the jeans short with a boot. For the cool version of Kendall, choose the ankle boots. If you want to do Kylie, hop on the heel of a very powerful boot over the knee.

Short with the frayed bar

This model is a real success! Besides going well with fashionist pieces like the fringe jacket, he also rocks with a basic white cropped. So it’s easy to combine, huh?

Get out

If you enjoy the model Mini and could be hustle, you’re more Kendall! The top is lovingly using this model with tops and booties. Kylie already enjoys the sealing vibe of the pencil skirt to La Kim Kardashian – her style muse!

After all these inspirations, it will get easier to assemble looks cooled with your jeans pieces