Jeans That Flatter Short Legs

Quality Jeans identify a good finishing and high quality seams. In what kind of pants a short woman looks good?

Jeans basic material is cotton. Usually, however, the pants are cotton blend.

– The most common material is spandex, which is usually two per cent of the trousers material. Cotton makes trousers elastic and comfortable to wear. Sometimes it is also used in polyester, says Anu, Store Denim Dream stores in Kristiine shopping center.


– Jeans trick is that cotton is a natural fiber, natural fibers and do not like the color. Very dark jeans and a raw denim jeans need other material than cotton, because the color must remain clear.

Quality Jeans identify a good finishing and high quality seams.

– The joints must be beautiful and smooth. Irtolankoja not be permitted. The inside of the jeans have to look at. Make sure the pants are nice and hems quality, Anu advises.

Good jeans will last for years depending on how much they use.

– Five years is not a problem if you are using a pair of jeans sensibly.No one else is using the same look of every day. However, people want a wide range and variety.


“Some Clients Return Every Year to Buy the Same Jeans”

All jeans are not for everyone. The style depends on the model of the body and trousers.

– For example, Tommy Hillfiger public is always three basic models: very skinny, straight classic design office and boot cut. Boot cut again growing in popularity all the time, Anu image.

– Guess model is usually very low and narrow. It is considered a young brand in the low-waist and narrow pattern as a result, but there are models that are suitable for formal attire is. A person can use the low, narrow jeans, even though he would be 20 years old. Pepe Jeans Silla is always two basic models: a low model Straight leg and a bit of a higher model in a narrow leg length, as well as a few other model, he says.

Women in my favorite jeans is Anu, is rather low waist and wide leg slightly.

– All models have their own fans into. Some clients return every year to buy the same jeans in a different color. The model is suitable and they have taken it as their own.


Because the stem varies, all jeans are not suitable for all.

– The private denim jeans, we the designer has made the classical model, in which the leg is not too narrow or too straight. Rear seam you will see that it is not straight, as usual, but curved. It will make the buttocks bigger, rounder and more feminine.

What is Far Above the Man?

Anu highly recommend a fairly wide leg.

– When warmers are quite broad, that’s fine with heels. If the jeans are dyed so that the leg color is paler in the middle, it more slenderness and length of the impression.

What People Over the Short Term?

Very short Anu pukisi straight jeans.

– Not too wide leg, as it takes shape from the body. Direct leg can be used with high heels, and it cascades nicely on top of the interest rate. I am myself a short time, and I usually skinny model, he says.


– Helps if the shoe fits the color of jeans color. Black jeans black shoes and possibly also black stockings. Then the legs look long.