Jeans Bag Step by Step

In your closet has that old torn jeans you like so much, but he’s sorry to give or throw away? Well she now might have another utility, make your pants a jeans bag.

That’s right, with the ancient, faded pants you can make a bag for carrying books or anything else, it’s pretty simple to do, just hold the bag, sewing machine, scissors, and lines, and if you want to decorate use some pins and Staples.
To make the jeans handbag step by step see the images and the instructions below, you will be amazed at the result, but if you do not know your grandmother piece or sew Mama, won’t sew a finger!

Step By Step To Make A Jeans Handbag:

1-cut the two legs of the pants at the time of the hook and set aside.

2–With the front legs cut two rectangles of 7 cm x 50 cm for stitching on the bag opening (a) and a 12 cm x 90 cm rectangle to the handle (b). With the back of the leg cut a rectangle of 12 cm x 50 cm for the base (c).

3-To make the body of the bag sew the base (c) to the edges of the cut performed in jeans at the time.Sew the zipper uniting the two parts reserved for the opening (a). Place the piece with the zipper at the top of the bag and sew the edge of the waist of the jeans.

4–to make the handle length part sew the inside out (b) and turn to the right side. Cut two strips of 20 cm to hold the rings and reserve the remaining 50 cm to handle extension.

5-Pass loop strips and sew them on the side of the bag. Put in one of the ends of the piece of metal finishing and sew the other end up.

Good now just display the custom bag for your friends, make sure you succeed.

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