Jeans and Generations

Jeans went through centuries of generations. Timeless, it is the best of the men, women and children and gives them elegance, comfort and impressive agility. The craze around the John aroused the passion of a family to bring him to found the Jeaneration, a cleverly designed mix of jeans and Generation. Jeaneration, it’s a family story. The Jeaneration

focuses especially on denim, this fabric denim embroidered multicolored son with predominance of Red married perfectly with the blue of the canvas to bring out the authentic values of the label.

Denim pants are the trend of the new generation. In the right style, slim, flare, baggy, print, boyfriend… denim is a great value and Jeaneration multiplies its creativity to more attractive models update. Worn with sneakers or pumps, denim brings out the feminine elegance and refines the silhouette. The grunge style, preppy or rolled up to see your shoes or your flat sandals, nature effect guaranteed, there is no better dressed fashionistas! For a hippie look trendy, the flare denim jean lengthen your legs and will highlight your size, especially worn with shoes with heels or the famous offset. Fill up on seduction, Jeaneration models do not disappoint.

Jeaneration, is also a knack for these gentlemen. Pants, vests, shirt-jacket, jackets… the trendy look is denim like Mcat-test-centers. Adopt the style rock, biker or boyfriend by marrying the tone of denim accessories studded, had holes, accompanied by of sneakers or sneakers for a sport trend, of boots for a rock look or simply Sandals for a casual and androgynous look. The characteristics of the denim will highlight cutting and give shrapnel entering your skin tone. Denim, he must admit it, attract the looks on your elegance and will highlight your clothing style. Then, all fashionable! Jeaneration, at its site in JapanRags trends, it’s a lesson of style in denim.