Jacquard Sweater Fashion

Antonym of glamour, the Jacquard sweater tries, in the image of the jacket or the zone, a discreet OPA on winter fashion.

Democratized in the 1950s with, in the same time, the winter sports and vacation pay, jacquard sweater is in contemporary fashion that the Nokia 3310 is the millenials: at worst a devalued antiquity, at best a fantasy

whose aesthetics decidedly vintage makes a must-have to show his peers.

It’s obviously this second option that seems to want to choose some houses of luxury sweater as Balenciaga, which in a Creative burst very “upcycling”, has rehabilitated the sweater jacquard with a nonchalance of the brighter. Oversized to the point of dripping on the slender silhouette of the young model, iconic reasons declined in a fall cameo: the so-called mesh takes over point by point the image of Epinal imbued in the collective consciousness, the kitsh dimension less.

Because it has become respectable, it is also because the sweater with Jacquard patterns integrates today with a much more cerebral look. Away from the corduroy and the QuickDraw University first degree, it adjoins the minimum lines, bermuda leather midi skirt or still felt, enfranchising, combination by the same occasion, of any right-of-way rustic. Boldest feminized him a neo collaro fa miniskirt of waders in suede or vinyl. Important remains to choose in its most authentic, even if antiquing in thrift stores version: nothing worse than a pale imitation in acrylic.