Jackets with Styles and Technology for the Coming Winter

Two weeks ago we present here on the blog the new boots Timberland technology to keep your feet dry and warm even in the coldest days of winter). The cold gave a truce with the dry air mass which brings Sun to much of Brazil, but still this week should get a new cold front that will bring down temperatures and next week, on day 21, to be exact, begins officially winter!

Then it is time to prepare to face the cold that comes around, and in addition to the boots, now we introduce you to some of the major innovations in the autumn-winter collection jackets 2015 Timberland for you stay warm this winter! After all, as you already know, the Timberland is the hallmark of winter! Come on?

TBL Skye Peak Jacket

The PrimaLoft ® insulation made with 50% recycled PET and super lightweight, soft and durable, also appears in the filling of the jackets and the characteristic wavy pattern that insulation is super high. Our representative of this style is the Skye Peak jacket, available in four colors: black, blue, Yellow Sun and Red Coral. Style and protection from the cold and rain.

TBL Jacket Goose Eye

But for those days of intense cold you will need some help to keep warm. How about a thermal insulation made of goose feathers? Yes, this natural and renewable fibre is one of the best thermal insulation that exist and is used for a long time in cold regions. She appears remodeled in the lining of our new jackets Goose Eye, with the pattern down also came with all the past winters in the northern hemisphere and is already coming strong for here. The style is super modern and urban protection against that wind shear is guaranteed! In addition to the goose feather padding, the jacket is made with 100% recycled polyester.

Jacket Mount Clay 3:00 pm 1

But the Brazilian winter also has those days that begin super ice cream and get hotter during the day to face these changes in time, you can wear a jacket 3 and 1. That’s right, our Mount Clay 3:00 pm 1 can be used in three different ways. Just inside, just outside, or both together. The outside is waterproof to protect against the rain, and if you opt only for use inside, less cold days, will parade with the default matelasse that is also trend this winter.

TBL Jacket Baker River

The matelasse also appears on the Baker River jacket, the leather of this representative collection! In addition to protection and durability of leather, it also has PrimaLoft ® lining to ensure you stay warm in any weather condition.

Enjoyed it? Then put in one of our stores-a2zdirectory.org to meet live new Timberland jackets and choose the one that suits you! Then tell us what you think Timberland, the brand of winter!