Jackets: the Bet to Stay Cool without Effort

Do you have a jacket in the closet?It could be jeans, leather, suede … the important thing is to have this classic piece to be able to be more stylish in the cold without losing the joviality and a cooler aesthetic.

It turns out that blazer, sweaters and the like leave the look very elegant and has time that people who yes keep more casual without having to appeal to the moletons right?Remember the history of dress codes?Jacket falls perfectly into the ride and sport styles!Get connected !

So let’s see how the jackets can be our partners?It is that infallible story of the third play that we have already spoken about here .

And to make it clear that this piece is for you, after the basic tips we will present the different cuts of the model and a compilation with lots of photo inspiration for the combination of pro parts.

It is normal to have in mind that the jacket is that piece of black motorcycle leather, and we give up investing $$$$ when buying one, because it does not seem to have anything to do with us or even that it will leave without appearing to be costumed.

Relax, we are here to show you that jacket is much more than a pretona, and even it can be used and abused being a rockstar or not!Sure you will have a model that has a lot to do with you and your style!

5 Basic Jacket Tips

  1. Avoid wearing with shorts or shorts, the ratio is strange and disconnected. But so, the look is yours right? If you thought it was good …
  2. Bet the shirt, she is the best friend of the jacket. Just like shirts and even sweatshirts!
  3. Chess also makes success in the combo. Just be careful not to look like you’re going to the Junina party!
  4. Do not stand alone in the boot, you can even use more urban shoes to balance brutality. Just do not make up for the gym shoes, huh?
  5. Abuse of Jeans. It has the maximum load of chance and therefore breaks the heavier aspect of the jacket.

Now that you’ve written the 5 rules in memory, let’s take a look at the outfits? What has more to do with you?

Varsity Jacket

She is the jacket that we tired of seeing in films of American university, mainly of the galera of the soccer team.Its biggest mark is the finish on the collar, sleeves and the base with contrasting colors or stripes.

It is more casual and great to use in day to day, because it has several colors and finishes.From the most sober to the most colorful they make the collegiate reference become more obvious.

Of course, it naturally has a more sporty footprint, so if you want to minimize it, use boots, neutral colors and pants with tougher fabrics.

Bomber jacket

Another perfect model pro day to day.It has no collar and has a more contemporary cut, even with an elastic bar in the sleeves to wear pulled when it is used.

In general it is the one that varies more in the available fabrics, having from the classic leather to the finer fabrics and until embroidery, which is mass because in our tropical climate sometimes it is difficult to take off the jacket of the closet, and with the bomber of the fabric sure, you’ll easily be able to make overlays without waiting for winter and putting together various stylish looks.

This is the model worth having more than one piece, because it will always be used well.

Perfect Jacket

This is a classic jacket of the classics, which comes in the imagination of everyone when thinking about the rebellion that this piece brings. What many people do not know is that the name Perfecto is not just said by the model, with that imposing glue with buttons, side diagonal pockets and belt at the bar.

The name is like our Bombril, since it refers only to biker jackets produced by Schott NYC, a brand that made the first model in 1920 at the request of Harley Davidson. But no use, he said in Perfecto is in this classic jacket that we are referring to.

Cool is that it is no longer just a biker or metalworker item.It is one of the most classic pieces of the men’s closet, which goes from casual to social, if you break a little bit the head.

Biker Jacket

Biker, as I said above is considered by the most orthodox, the model signed as Perfect.If you go looking for pictures on the internet, you will see that when you search for Biker, you will see a flurry of Perfects.So why do we share here?

It turns out that a galera to be able to actually separate the two styles is assuming Biker as the cleanest modeling of Perfecto.And what is that in practice?More discreet pockets … The super-collar with metallic buttons was replaced by the oval collar and some embroidered textures were added to the leather.

So this model is just for those who like or want to have a leather jacket, but with a more urban cut and less revolts .Of course, it still looks like a motorcycle. Yes, that’s the great power of leather, but it’s already an easier model to match and find in lighter colors, which helps a lot in breaking the aura of the pretense.

Denim jacket (jeans)

Eita!A style just to say that the jacket is jeans?It may seem exaggerated, but Jeans is so important in fashion that the jacket wearing that fabric became rather a specific cut.

More than the material, it has some striking features such as the large breast pockets and the closing buttons.And so, although most are Jeans Jeans even, you can find this cut in other fabrics, such as the suede for example.

This is by far the most casual jacket. There is no way to beat your jeans right? And that’s exactly the counterpoint that you’ll balance when it comes to dressing, you can not seem to be a guy just out of a 90’s movie. So it’s good to wear dark tones, less casual shoes, and even complement with accessories, to give an up in the look.

Aviator Jacket

The latest model is the most difficult to find in Terras Brasilis, for the reason of being the warmest of all.Most likely you’ve seen this jacket in war movies with aviators, and that’s where the name comes from.She’s like Bomber only with the collar with this material warmer.

In general it is sheepskin or sheep skin, but there are already several synthetic models and even some that come out if it is not so cold.

It has a very large visual impact, even because it is different.So whoever is more stylish can explore it a lot and for those who are more discreet, just balance with more neutral pieces.