Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones Review


If you do not have copies of our choosing star, the JBL E40BT less than €100 are our second choice. With a little more of accent on the ground that the MOVE, the E40BT are very good to listen to pop, rock and hip hop. What is it that left them in second place? For starters, while the headphones are soft and comfortable, certainly, the headband is narrower, so users with slightly larger heads will find them uncomfortable after a few hours of use. In addition, the power button makes the double function of paired Bluetooth and, although that is not all bad, all our experts had a little of problems when you try to turn it on. Often them put in the mode synchronization instead of off.

Best price found: €109
And, finally, cost about 30€ more than the MOVE. So while the E40BT are pretty good, we believe that more people will be satisfied with the less expensive and easier to use Jabra MOVE.

Jabra Revo Wireless

If what you need is a remote trailer cable or like a little more than low, still would recommend another great Star, them Jabra Revo (see review). We love its warm sound, which also can be adjusted using an application, easy to use and touch controls, comfort, and long battery life. Be sure to not use them during long time by the health of your ears.

Other advantages-that also them MOVE and those E40BT have-is that the cable included has an only button of microphone and control remote, what them others that tested not (and repeat, all they only receive calls and control the volume through the Bluetooth only). Another good option with great value for money.

Best price found: €139
And, compared with the MOVE, the Revo have a better range of low frequencies. Even so, in the end, to around €145 of price, feel that these extra small that the Revo provided they were not worth the € 70 difference with the MOVE.