It’s Time to Get Dressed in Swimwear

Summer is knocking on the door! Maybe this summer we’ll get lucky and we’ll be able to spend in bikini beautiful sunny days and enjoy sunbathing. It does not matter whether you go to the sea, to the swimming pool, or in the thermal waters of the pond. Your swimsuit should in any case, IN. What are the swimsuit trends for the 2016 season?

Surprising combinations of patterns and colors!

Fashion designers again this year did not disappoint. Showcased the collection of swimsuits that amaze his original combinations of designs, colors as well as styles. Fashion world this summer will be dominated by the colors and no exception is in the case of swimwear (see here). So the first rule is – if you choose swimwear , bet on the color and bold! IN will be particularly rich and gaudy colors simultaneously. As for the designs, you can let off steam. Error thing with polka dots and stripes, or a combination thereof. Will be a big hit with animal patterns in various colors – what you need gepardní pattern in turquoise blue? Trends are also a variety of prints, mainly with floral motifs.

I offer interesting possibilities for cuts

In summer you can boldly wear one-piece swimsuits , tiny bikinis, tankini or bandeau bikini.Very popular will swimwear and retro high-waisted swimsuit or with legs. It’s up to you – choose swimwear but always with respect for your body and remember that choosing the right cut can enhance or possibly hide some parts. If you bet, for example, the one-piece swimsuits, which are decorating the breast or under them lightly just to turn heads and hide the breast area should be larger belly. You can also buy a padded swimsuit that perfectly molded your bust.

Ornaments must-haves

A common trend for i-piece tankini top will be richly decorating. Will wear swimwear with frills that can also visually enlarge the breasts. The course will also ruffles, zippers or even sequins. Imagination is simply no limits. This year’s fashion offers a variety of super models, so you do not have a collection concerns. Try to look at example, make sure you select here and your dream model. You can look forward to a nice price …