Italia Independent Glasses

Italy Independent showcases its eyewear models in the Netherlands, at the ‘Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Not just fashion accessories as may be of sunglasses, but also its new collection of helmets. All with a novelty: it is the first lines of glasses and photo luminescent helmets. But not only Italy Independent, which was also the sponsor of the final party of the Amsterdam Fashion week, also presented a Unique Edition of glasses for Club BRILLANT.Many news are boiling in the pot of Lapo Elkann!

The fashion brand Italy Independent has accustomed us to its absolutely innovative accessories. On the occasion of the Amsterdam Fashion Week here is that the fashion brand Lapo Elkann has decided to propose the first goggles and helmets photo luminescent, presented, of course, in a dark location, to allow everyone to see the main features of this collection accessories. Thanks to special pigments, which receive the UV rays of the sun and then release them when the environment is dark, these helmets and these glasses were painted to make sure that you can see in the dark. L ‘ eyewear object of this experiment is the’ aviator 000b, very elegant and traditional, yet innovative. While the helmet that has lent itself to innovation of the group is the helmet in carbon Kevlar and fiberglass , pearl-white luminescent.

A helmet that is when darkness becomes “magically” blue. But in addition to these special effects, here Italian Independent has created another line of accessories , a Unique Edition for Club BRILLANT: the models have shown us the 090 model glasses in velvet black with lenses and gold rods, which go back to the collection of Dennis Diem for the next Spring-Summer 2012. the velvet that brilliant idea, do not you?