It Is Possible to Connect USB Peripherals to The Motorola Droid

An engineer named Chris Paget has managed that their Motorola Droid connect to USB – cameras, printers, Webcams, etc.-devices, provided that they support linux. The Motorola Droid It is able to control them and communicate with them as if it were a computer, because the phone hardware is USB On The Go.

This hack is not perfect because you have to restart the phone whenever connecting to a new device but it is clear that it opens the door to a much more comprehensive and interesting phones use with Android.

Anyway there is sign that currently the hack is still very green, as the author of the same: “Still have not managed to mount a USB key”.

People enjoy with changes to your devices are in luck because this is that require some do-it-yourself – have to peel some cables, – but there is also to point out that, as was to be expected, the kernel of Android not ready to support too many drivers USB peripherals.

Personally find it me very interesting but with a fairly limited for the majority of users utility. To say it clearly: I do not see Printing from mobile or using a webcam – for convenience, more than anything – but that it would be interesting to be able to plug a USB stick…