It Has Android Meant for Samsung

Samsung has been the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, which specifically is because Android system.

A few years ago was just one out of many Samsung smartphone manufacturers, and anything other than an asterisk. At the time, among other things, many feature phones Samsung produced.

In 2009 they chose, however, to bet on the Android operating system, which has proved to be a huge success – that really started with the Samsung Galaxy S and have been followed through with both the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III. Google has also selected Samsung to produce their phones Nexus S and Galaxy S Nexus. So, thanks to Google and the Android operating system is Samsung become a name that goes on about.

There is no doubt that the phones really is the fault of Samsung’s success is the Android devices. Samsung also produces, among other things, Windows Phones and mobile phones with their own Bada-system. A system which, however, never materialized in Denmark.

Samsung was in the month of April the world’s best biggest mobile manufacturer, when they overtook Nokia which otherwise had been sitting firmly on the throne in 14 years.

Exact sales figures are not published, but the market research firm IDC has estimated that Samsung alone in the second quarter of this year has sold more than 50 million phones.