It Gets You (Maybe) with Jelly Bean

Predictions: Google’s major event is approaching fast approaching, and the Internet flowing over with rumors and predictions.

It is expected with almost 100 percent certainty that Google tonight will present the upcoming Android version Jelly Bean.

After Google has put a statue up the Jelly Bean in front of the main office, so expect the majority of it is certainly now we get Jelly Bean presented today. Already back in the month of February for Mobile World Congress there was Jelly Bean taste tests on Google’s stand.

The Internet now flowing over with rumors and predictions on what we can expect from the upcoming Android software, which will probably be version 4.1.

New units

Google launched their latest smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, in collaboration with Samsung for less than a year ago. Therefore, we probably cannot expect a new smartphone from Google.

But they have not yet sent a “Google tablet” on street yet, the closest they have been at it was almost with the Motorola Xoom, but the rumors go on we today see their bids on a tablet.

According to the rumors, it will have a 7 inch display with 1080 p Full HD, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and WiFi.

Thus it is expected also that Jelly Bean will come out to the Galaxy Nexus models before the other units.


Phones and tablets coming to market with greater and faster processors, higher resolution and better graphics and more RAM than in the past.

Therefore, it is expected also that there will be some big improvements in the operating system kernel, which will benefit from the higher specifications.

LTE in phones are becoming more and more popular, and we may therefore view it will be built into the phone, so it just works.

With the larger screens and better resolution, like phones and tablets will get, it will also be expected to 1080 p resolution will be included in the Jelly Bean.

And I wonder if there will be told a little about Google TV, and it may be updated for Jelly Bean so that it can receive Full-HD.


Applications are not really a part of an operating system, but by former Google I/O’s are there presented applications, therefore it is expected also that we either get any new apps in day or old apps have gotten an “overtaking”.

There will probably be displayed applications that are optimized for Jelly Bean.

I wonder if we’ll get something Google Maps 3D to see, and perhaps a response to Apple’s Siri.

Fintilpasning of control system

It is expected that there will be dingy and plastered a little for any details of the operating system, and it gets a little more finish. Already know Ice Cream Sandwich, it has emerged that Android does not lagg as much as previously seen.

A major change in the operating system, we should probably not expect to see before a version 5.0.
What do you think though, that Google will present tonight?