Is Whatsapp Ousted From The Throne?

Whats App no Messenger could hold its own against itself so far really. This should now have an end. Now, a German Messenger service dares attack.

The exact number of users by wire remain a mystery, but so much should be betrayed, after it slowly started the service has grown properly.

In the future should users can phone chat, not only with each other, send photos, Soundcloud music and YouTube videos but have now also via video telephony. By “Pinging” contacts can be similar to “poke” on Facebook. Who other Messenger how eg. Whatsapp uses, wire could initially find rather unusual.Operation characterised mainly by the back and forth wipe. This is rather unusual but certainly useful.

Always an active encryption

The Chief and co-founder Jonathan Christensen on the encryption is particularly proud. Now is that everything end-to end encrypted. So that the Messenger service is a big step ahead its competitors.

Wire wants to encrypt all devices where the Messenger is used, with the procedure without exception all content. Audio and video calls, group conversations, chats, drawings and photos are to be affected. The HD quality should not suffer calls it. Thus, only transmitters and receivers have the ability to decrypt the content. On its servers, even wire can see the communication between two persons not in clear text.Encryption must be not switched on here by the users, because it is always active.

Similarities with Skype and co.

Wire may remind one or the other of the video telephony service Skype which is not surprising. The investment company Iconial of the founder of of Skype, Janus Friis is namely involved in wire. Also Christensen has worked for Skype and now is the wire leader and co-founder.

So far, the Messenger service is not really profitable. Wire sold neither its users to advertisers, yet you’ll pay a fee for use. It’s all 100% free of charge. However, some premium features are planned. What this cost and details are not yet known.


Whether wire with WhatsApp, Skype and co. permanently can absorb it and also persists, remains to be seen. Since Messenger services can work only, the more users you have, it is not easy to grow. Wire did but the beginning…