Is Instagram Devastating for the Photo?

VOTE: The Guardian writer believe that photo-apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram destroys the photo.

The English newspaper ” our site” published an article by a freelance journalist Kate Bevan, where she believes the popular photo applications such as Instagram, Hipstamatic and Snap seed is devastating for the photo. And she is not alone.

Kate Bevan loves photography, but she does not like Instagram daily fills the news on Facebook and Twitter with pictures which will see old and ragged out, look like Polaroids are, etc.

In the article she goes hard to the filters that are applied to an image in order to change the look. She also believes that all of the effects one can use in photo programs like Lightroom be forgotten, since applications makes that creativity is forgotten when the effect now comes with a click. Thus ends the images also get the same expression and “similar”.

What do you think Makes these popular photo applications. something good or have Kate Bevan Court, that they destroy the photos? Take part in the vote.