Ipod Touch,a Good, Cheap Mini Tablet and Apple

Many readers ask me to indicate a good tablet that is cheap at the same time.

The cheapest tablets are from Chinese manufacturers, with prices in the range of 400 reais.

What’s the magic?None, except for the fact that they are built with inferior materials and configurations.

Usually the processor used in these devices has a slower speed;Often they do not come with camera and almost all offer little storage space.

Even so, buying a tablet made in China can be a good decision if you do not want to spend a lot or will use a mini tablet as a supplement device.

An iPod, why not?

Another option is to invest a little more in a top-of-the-line tablet: the iPod Touch, which is already in its fourth generation.

Of course, it’s the size of a smartphone and so can not be compared directly to an iPad, a Galaxy 10.1 or Xoom.

But basically it comes with the same settings as the 10-inch tablet.And with an advantage:it can be loaded anywhere and without drawing attention.

In the Brazilian store of Apple the iPod Touch leaves for 719 reais (model with 8GB), less than half of the value of an iPad 2 (1,630 reais).

The advantages over competitors

Finishing – To get the iPod Touch comes with superior material quality and a flawless finish.

Screen – One of the biggest attractions of this Apple is its screen with retina display technology.What does that mean?More pixels per inch (326 dpi) resulting in greater “sharpness” than most devices on the market.

Processor – The 1GHz A4 processor is not what Apple has the fastest.But anyway, it’s fast enough to run videos and surf the web without fuss.

Cameras/videos – Unlike other cheaper tablets, the iPod Touch comes with two cameras.On the back a camera with 960 x 720 pixels.And on the front a web cam with HD quality (720p).Highlight for the (native) Face Time application, which allows video calls.

Operating system – I know I will thwart many Android fans, but Apple’s iOS operating system is superior to Google’s system.Simple, intuitive, mature, these are your main qualities.

Applications – Another point in favor of Apple devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone).In addition to the amount (there are already over 200,000 in January 2011) most Apple Store apps are still higher than the Android store.


In addition to these basic settings the iPad Touch already comes with the new iCloud.There are 5GB offered by Apple to store your files “in the cloud”.

But the main thing about iCloud might be its Backup function.Every day, almost everything is saved on Apple’s servers:songs, movies, and apps purchased and books downloaded for free;Photos and videos on the Camera Roll;Device settings;Data from downloaded applications;And messages (iMessage, MMS and SMS).

The “factory” application package is not very big but delivers what most users need: newsstand (magazines and newspapers you sign), calendar, contacts, purse, notes, time and calculator.

But the main ones are still Maps, iMessage, the Recorder (I find this application very good) and Search, made to track your Ipod Touch if it is lost or stolen.