IPhone Vs. Android Voice Command

An interesting video published by Motorola shows a comparison of the operation of the voice commands of Android devices compared to an iPhone 4S and its voice system, the Siri. Androids used are the Motorola Electrify, Motorola Atrix 2 and the Photon 4G. Voice commands allow you to talk on the phone to control the device and perform various functions. You can send text messages just by speaking, enrolling navigation routes just by speaking the destination, accessing websites by speaking the address or even save small reminders of text on the device. It is even possible to access and use some compatible applications through voice commands.

IPhone Vs. Android Voice Command

All videos were made without much scientific judgment, and this should be taken into account in judging the impartiality of the result. It is not possible to know, for example, if the network connections of the two devices had the same speed or latency. The differences between the times are small and this may be a possible cause. In any case, it is an interesting comparison.

First, the video with the Motorola Electrify x iPhone 4S

Now the Motorola Droid 2. Note that this video is more complete, and does not compare only the voice commands of the two handsets. I think this comparison between iPhone and Android is important, especially when it goes beyond a comparison of just one or another tool of the device. The more complete the better, in my opinion.

And finally, the Motorola Photon 4G. It is also a more complete comparative test. Another important detail that these comparatives did not take into account is what version of the operating system the devices were using. Notably, the iPhone when it is updated, is much slower, while Android can preserve its speed well.

I would almost call the technical tie differences in the response times of the handsets. Even Siri having appeared first, Android has made up for lost time very quickly, and today has a system of voice commands through Google Now as or more efficient than the Apple system. Microsoft also arrived with the voice assistant Cortana, which also offers its tricks up its sleeve, and can be used in Windows 10 and XBox.