iPhone Headphones Guide

First you are going to tell a little because there are more advantages than drawback that in the end only headphones iPhone with Bluetooth or the Lightning connector can be used. Below we tell you how make your earphones work with iPhone 7 although lack connector 3.5 mm.

Why it is good that you can only use Bluetooth

Some are released to the neck, but we believe that only can be used headphones Bluetooth iPhone is a good choice. Indeed to listen to good music you don’t need more than that. Better to forget are helmets that come with the phone.

Apple has decided to get rid of a piece of technology that has been with us since the beginning of time, so when rumors began to say that Apple would not 3.5 mm Jack use connector for iPhone 7 many not were surprised, although others were outraged. It is just put that music has become indispensable on the way in as we interact with our phone according to Photionary. Need some headphones iPhone 7 look bad but… Remove the connector does not make that you can not listen to music, in fact it is the opposite, for this reason we think that it is a good thing. Now you have the because.

Best audio

It seems contradictory but actually if Apple decided to remove iPhone helmets wired without possibility to connect, it would promote a better quality of sound. Still have some ways to listen to music with the iPhone. What some people don’t know is that the brand has let manufacturers make headsets that connect the phone via connector Lightning (where loads it).

In fact there is something in this unique connector of Apple which gives advantage to the 3.5 mm Jack: power. The smart mobile usually have its own amplifier of power inside, this is what increases the sound quality to be sufficiently high and that can be heard.


We know what you’re thinking “iPhone audio quality is good, I don’t need anything better”, and it is possible to have a reason. Most people simply want to hear their music in the easiest way possible, and any quality that is more than bad okay. Therefore, these headphones Lightning will be most helpful among us.

While Bluetooth headsets iPhone ago years that are among us, have followed some shadows, especially those who are young. It is important to stress something: Apple allows the Lightning port be used for helmets, but my bet is that the company will focus on Bluetooth technology in the future, as well as the rest of the competition. Why you have linked comparisons that you have found to the beginning, so you don’t have to go shopping.

This will make things very interesting so the helmets have to offer. IPhone wireless headphones have yet to reach your maximum potential, both for what it does to the quality of sound as the portability. However, if Apple force helmets Bluetooth iPhone in its users, that means that the brands of headphones will work hard in their models with this technology.

We think that we will start with helmets that simply don’t have cables, headphones iPhone 7 that connect to devices much more remote and that can be used with Apple Watch.

Not only this, but do not forget that we have already mentioned: Apple is the owner of one of the world famous headphones more companies, so we can be sure that Apple and Beats work together with a pair of iPhone headphones 7. Again, this will cause the rest of brands work on new models of Bluetooth headsets iPhone 7 to compete.

Phones smaller and larger screens

Apart from the mentioned, there are some reasons not related to the world of sound that make that get rid of the connector Jack is a good thing. Can you believe that 7 iPhone still can be thinner than it already is? Well, maybe Yes. One of the main features in case of get rid of the connector is the thinner that may become.

Another thing that we can think of s we think with headphones iPhone 7, is that eliminating this connector we can have even more screen on the phone with the same size. The screen is what takes up more space on a Smartphone, and has two dimensions. If you take the end of your headphones 7 iPhone and put it up, you’ll see that the connector tip is where the screen starts. It is no coincidence. By releasing us from the 3.5 mm got more screen, and why not, some good headphones iPhone 7 at more affordable prices.

Period of transition

Remove the connector Jack makes an immediate transition period to make everyone fit to such a change, but it is not impossible. Apple will be happy to sell you an adapter that will allow you to use the iPhone headphones 7 using his Lightning port. With this it will be quite annoying to use an adapter as the PC or similar, will be easier to continue listening to like music a few years ago, why we think that it will go to the Bluetooth headset iPhone 7.

We know that of 3.5 mm will disappear at some point, regardless of the year, and when it is done there will be people who won’t, as in all the technological changes. Even so, with the promise of a better quality of audio, we don’t have because suffer for such a change. In addition, no mistake, it’s the Apple company and will do whatever he wants, and supporters continue to.

How to use my headset with iPhone 7 although not have Jack 3.5 mm

If we think that people cares about the life of the battery as one of the first things to think about buying in a Smartphone, and buy like iPhones, it seems a bit silly to think that it will stop buy 7 iPhone only because it brings another alternative headphones.

In fact, not you’ll buy new headphones iPhone 7 if you do not want. The case is that you can operate your headphones with the iPhone 7 without problems, here we tell it you so you have no excuse. Perhaps it is a little more cumbersome but will also equal.

First, headphones free that come with Apple’s devices already do not like some (I’m one of them), so it always use other helmets has been the first choice. If you have a pair of quality headphones and want to continue using them you have two options:

First choice, buy an adapter Lightning instead of buying a few iPhone headphone 7. In fact it is the first thing that lots of users of Apple will be purchased and need. Perhaps the company sell it for € 1,000 (probably 20 or 30 euros), and surely you can find adapters on the internet of white markings at half price. When the time comes we will inform you here himself. In fact if you write it us in the comments when it appears, help us lot release schedule…

Second option, buy a Bluetooth receiver that connect your headphones with the iPhone 7, thus das them wireless technology to see what you think.

I know, currently there are no many options, but how minimum are covered in two ways which is much longer. Personally, it would be time to buy a Bluetooth headset for iPhone 7. More than anything because when the brand out, all the others will also draw connector 3.5 mm. We already know that one changes it, is doing well and all the others follow him. And Yes, iPhone Bluetooth helmets are the sea of comfortable and you can use them for many other devices.