Iphone Apps Tested-Part 4

Free “App-Store-Must-Haves”
If I’m honest, I have not left much money in Apple’s iPhone App store yet. Not because I am the software in other ways, but simply because my inhibition threshold to spend money on an intangible asset is relatively high. Navigation software for over 50 euros? Not with me! Since I buy I prefer a device including software, even if that costs more than twice. Often and gladly I use the app store however for free software. Because between the probably more than 70,000 applications one gets also one or the other app pearl.

This time: “TrainInfo” and “Timetable”.
Anyone who has been standing at a station at half past eight in the morning knows what’s going on: tussle and gerenne are the order of the day. Why the whole thing? Because the train is far too often unpunctual, people miss their connecting trains and then run quickly to the timetable or to the next train, full of hope that the train is still on its track. But here the iPhone can help. Train Info and timetables can make the everyday life of bus and train drivers considerably  easier. And this is quite easy and free.

ZugInfo, tested version: 2.0.2
Actually, one could make its connection queries also simply over the portal of the German railway. But just when you run your iPhone with a small volume tariff from your mobile carrier, you get the many small pictures and information that Safari needs to download for the simple query. Fortunately there is the train helper, who can give you the right connection from A to B, if desired. Simply enter the destinations, select the desired means of transport, select the time, click on “Start search” and after a few seconds you have the necessary information in your hand. In addition to the departure times spits a train Info also directly the track with. If the data is available, the app even clarifies the price of the trip and possible delays of the individual trains. Exemplary. If you use a connection more often, you can save it as a favorite. Furthermore, by pressing the touchscreen, it is even possible to export connection data to the mail app and send it by e-mail. This is handy if you want to give someone or yourself connection data. Overall, ZugInfo is an absolutely recommended app, which should not be missing on any iPhone. Also, if you only take the train from time to time.Anyone who is absolutely thrilled by ZugInfo should perhaps consider buying the program as a donation product for the price of just 1.59 euros.

Timetable , tested version: 1.9.2
While ZugInfo is great for people who know their goals, Timetable is perfect for iPhone owners who just want to go crazy or want to find out about their favorite station. You have a favorite list in which you can easily register every station and bus stop in Germany. By clicking, you can then display the complete timetable for this one stop. Timetable displays each connection, including the train type, connection type, current delay data and departure or arrival time. Timetable scores not only with the connection data, but especially with its clarity. All the superfluous information has been skipped by programmers Frank Vercruesse and schedule is simply what it is supposed to be. I especially like the display of the delays, this is more clearly solved here than in the ZugInfo. All in all, there is also a clear recommendation for the timetable. Too bad that schedule does not spit out information about connections, but only to stops or train stations, otherwise it would be the perfect all-in-one app for train drivers. As there is no road map, there is also a clear recommendation.Especially in the interplay with ZugInfo one is armed for every railway traveler’s odyssey.Good Trip! click ehuzhou.net.