Ipad Pro (9.7 Inches) Officially Unveiled

Last year, Apple introduced the iPad Pro us and updated the iPad mini series on the 4th generation. The iPad air got no successor. As shown in the Apple event on March 21, the company has decided to leave the air line belong to the past.

The successor of the iPad air 2, if you want to see it, is a smaller iPad Pro. Apple showed us the Tablet last night during the keynote. We have summarized all the information for you.

Design – iPad air 2 with 4 speakers and Smartconnector

Not much has changed on the design Apple, therefore there are also not many words lose. The smaller iPad Pro is 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm and weighing in at 437 g (WiFi version) almost identical to the iPad air 2 with the masses. However, are now extra speaker holes on the top side of the tablets, as well as a connection (Smartconnector) for the keyboard on the side of the device. It will be interesting when the technical innovations of the iPad.

Technical data – shrunken iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is identical with the large model of the technical specifications, however, there are even a few nice features, the bigger brother does not have. But matter more. The biggest difference is the display, which has a 9.7-inch diagonal and resolves with 2048 x 1536, resulting in a pixel density of 264 ppi. But that was not enough, The screen should be brighter by up to 20% and offer 40% more saturation.In addition, he should absorb reflective light to 40%. The powerful A9X is used as the processor. As the 12 inch model, there is a smaller iPad Pro 4 speakers, which together should produce a great stereo sound.In addition, a smart connector on one of the longer sides is located. This can be a keyboard connected to the Tablet you, which Apple will separately offer at an inflated price of €169. That’s iPad of course also compatible with the Apple pencil. You must buy these for €109 for if necessary.

True-tone display

As promised, we come now to the features that make the smaller iPad Pro the bigger alone. It is the so-called true-tone display. The sensor on the tablet that perceive the color temperature of your environment and fit the image of the tablets of this temperature. You can imagine this as with a white sheet of paper: since in a room where the light is yellowish warm, the sheet is also yellowish warm paper.This feature is intended to natural user experience. The question is how it is perceived in practice.

Flagship camera of the iPhone 6s

A further feature of the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch screen is the integrated camera. Apple here incorporates the 12 megapixel iSight camera of the current flagship iPhone. Why Apple is doing is questionable, because time seriously, are there really people that photograph with a Tablet? It is of course a good camera in the iPad to have a nice feature, but now comes the problem. You protruding from the housing, which is an annoying problem for a Tablet, placing well on the table. Here I can not understand absolutely Apple!

Price and availability

The iPad Pro is available just like the new iPhone SE on 24 March to pre-order and is 31st March in the trade. It will be in the colors of gold, Rosé gold, space grey and silver.

Memory size WiFi WiFi + cellular
32 GB €689 €839
128 GB €869 €1.019
256 GB €1,049 €1.199


The iPad Pro is a meaningful development of the iPad air 2. Many users want to have a smaller iPad, that, however, has the same strengths as the larger pro model. Apple has complied with this request. We are curious as to the iPad Pro 9.7 inches in the tests.


And these were the rumors to the iPad

Current rumored to be the iPhone 5SE see in March – a 4-inch Smartphone in the design of the iPhone 6. But that was still not everything. Since the iPad air line (presented in October 2014) received last year, because of the “hype” the iPad pros, no upgrade, this should be made up this year. The question is how the iPad air 2, which is one of the best tablets of the market so far, can be improved?

Slight improvements

You can not improve much on the air. An are is almost certainly, probably the A9X with 4 GB memory. A support of the Apple pencil is also conceivable, as well as the integration of touch ID of the second generation. In addition, there will be probably a Flash to support the camera. Apple is also working on a classroom app for use in schools according to the report. A recently surfaced picture is to be believed, the iPad air 3 will have four speakers in all likelihood. A model drawing is on the screen. On the top and bottom of the iPad, we find both left and right speaker holes, you can find up exactly like we even at theiPad Pro.

First cover reveals details

The Chinese trading platform, is a shell of the iPad airs surfaced and reveals new details about the next air model. Thus, the cover has four slots, what would accompany the presumption by four speakers.Furthermore, we find a small cut-out, which seems to be a little larger than the lightning connection on one of the longer sides. That suggests Apple at the next air builds up a smart connector, so as we have seen with the iPad Pro. The iPad air 3 is therefore a smaller iPad Pro. To do so it would need to support still the Apple pencil. Another “feature” might be a camera Flash, because the opening of the camera is shaped, as is the case with models with Flash.

Schematic drawing showed up

The news Web site Engadget has published a drawing you have received allegedly from a trustworthy source. This covers not only from behind, but also at an angle to the iPad air 3 so that you can take a look at the side of the tablets. After the drawing is iPad air is 3 240mm high, 169, 6 mm wide, and 6, 15 mm thick. If the data is actually agree, would the iPad air 2 0 to be 1 mm wider and 0, 05 mm thicker than camera Flash, smart connector, and the four holes of the speaker, the previous iPad air 2 to recognize thus seems the iPad air 3 of most likely also on this figure to a smaller iPad Pro.

No iPad air

The latest rumored (9to5Mac) Apple will complete the air line and a new step. Therefore, the successor of the iPad air 2 is intended to be a smaller version of the pro model. Then of course a support of Apple pencils, as well as one would that mean by smart connector of connected keyboard. Furthermore, this would also mean that GB version will be a 128 and the A9X will most likely be used as a processor. The display diagonals will arrive at 9.7 inches speculation according to. As the iPad is called, is iPad Pro still unclear mini or just plain iPad Pro (9.7)?


Availability [update]

March 10 – Apple has sent official invitations to selected media representatives, announce an event on March 21. The event is held in the Cupertino California at 10: 00. In Germany it will be then 18: 00, the time in this country first later will be changed over on the California coast, there are only 8 hours this time time difference. “Let US loop you in” it says on the invitation. One can not exactly say what does that mean now. It is conceivable that there will be new bracelets for the Apple Watch. A presentation of the iPad Pro in more compact version and the iPhone SE are very likely.

Are you already excited about the new iPad? What would wish you to you of the new Tablet? Perhaps a larger display, or a stronger battery?