Interview the Girls Want Me Leathers

Love me leather is a brand of wallets and accessories in leather that arose in the year 2012. Florence Bordas (clothing designer), Valeria Fissore (Advisor) and Mariana Fissore (LIC. in Marketing) are responsible for the project which already has own local in the neighborhood of Almagro, in Mario Bravo 871, where this interview took place.
They Are An Emerging Neighborhood…
Yes, this part of Almagro became in a few years in a circuit with many proposals for author’s design and art. A community of designers and merchants was formed. We know each other and generate alliances among us. We have agreements with other brands of clothing and theatres, galleries and bars according to businessjust.

Do materials used to manufacture its products?
Portfolio materials are all natural fibers, mostly leather in different finishes, chamois sublimated with different effects (have one that simulates craquelé effect bow), complemented with raffia summer models and hair in the winter. We also use embroidery.
And Models Of The Portfolios…
We produce few copies of each model. We are a brand boutique, we want each piece to be unique. We give great importance to the terminations and to each of the items has something else to offer, for example large bags have a removable envelope inside and serves you for use as a cosmetic case within the portfolio and also, as above for output, i.e. it only a 2 in 1. We have another article that is backpack, bag sailor and hand bag, is a 3 in 1 and turns by adjusting and removing their belts.
We think of practicality, we think about a woman coming out early of his house with a broad portfolio and the afternoon need an envelope to attend a cocktail party, for example.
All models have an envelope for cards and strip for the keys. The straps are adjustable so you can use the cross or shoulder portfolio.
What Is Important For Your Brand?
It is a responsible job from the zero moment. For us it is important re know where will the product, we know people who sell us hides and accouterments. We have a relationship that is smooth with the workshops and the embroidery. Responsible for production and the enhancement of the product from the human consider fundamental.
Back of that product, there are plenty of families who live on it, it is a value chain. And Argentine industry.When you consume national you are creating work in your country. Both the wallets and portfolios carry names of Argentine cities.
We are very aware that our relationship quality price is optimal. We are committed to generating customer loyalty, to know it.
The Client Want To Me Is…
Super person active, because the idea that are portfolio with many possibilities has to do with that, that you go accompanied in all your activities for the day. We imagine a person who likes things of quality, that does not give importance to the brand name and if values are care products, that are not massive. Because we aim to that, to produce quality articles and lasting in time. A timeless classic that like to people who want the portfolio to age well.