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Today’s interview is with Mariana Kechichian of blog Burumburuna, which provides excellent care tips with children, food and the routine with the cute your daughter Catherine.
In addition to the blog, she has a Web site, Burumburuna, that sells socks with shoes, items in silver, and in gold super exclusive spinning rims.

Name : Mariana F. Buonafina Kechichian

Age: 28 years

Child’s name and age: Catherine Buonafina Kechichian

Profession: Businesswoman

When I started the site and the blog and why? the June 5 2011 website and the blog started even daily for about 2 months. Why I started with the store … with the blog, I explain it right here on the blog on my page, just click and understand the story… lol lol!

What the blog brought you good for your life? Ah… it’s a nice moment where rest writing and researching things that I really like and I think girls/moms would like to read, see, buy…

It took a lot to get pregnant? No. Married and after 2 years I got pregnant. The time to get pregnant, trying to conceive were 6 months after getting the IUD.

As she found out she was pregnant? The day before I had a CRAZY desire to eat, to the point of salivating, risoli of cheese! And I hate risoli of cheese! rs rs… The next day were exactly, 3 days late… I bought the pharmacy test, was alone at home in the morning and did! Positive! I called my doctor and did the blood! I turned off the cel, all day, because I wanted to surprise you for the whole family! I waited during the day, quietly, and did a lovely surprise for the whole family and p/Dad of Catarina, at night, with blood on his hands. It was the biggest section! rs rs.

Had food and body care during pregnancy? Very much! I kept the exercises I was doing before getting pregnant. Then, swam up to the seventh month of pregnancy and did walk because I had a thing about running. Food, super healthy! I’ve never been so healthy in my life … it was a little strange, because I’m a sucker for a crap!!!… but in pregnancy I couldn’t… I swear! I was very natureba.. my mother used to joke that he was going to be born, a stick of green hair… so much organic banana I ate! rs rs… Oh people pregnant thing huh?

Which beauty product indicates during this phase? too much sunscreen on her face! And not to have stretch marks my dermatologist manipulated a moisturizer with urea and placenta extract I LOOOOOVED… people talk with their dermatos about this miracle!!! I had nothing, nothing! Beyond them.. I spent the the Mustela and Palmers and oleo of Clarins Tonic Uile! Was also draining 3 times a week!

Tell your experience in the delivery and the thrill of first contact with your child: INEXPLICABLE! I believe that only when a woman is mother she can define what is really true love! When I felt that to my face, I guess I won another heart. A new life has begun! The feel of the birth is not a term describes only feels! Is something missing from the air is a love that “buds” in seconds… someone you haven’t even seen the face, in seconds you are loving and ever do crazy things for this serzinho which is a part of you and the fruit of love. Is the greatest wonder that God ever created!

Thende made the trousseau and what stores do you recommend here in Brazil? Miami, Ny, Brazil-Sp: BURUMBUNA stores! rs rs… Ripopi, Dipendapi, Daslu Baby, Karen, Hello baby.

What do you like to wear it for day to day? during the day to play more sports clothing, leggings, this Sweatshirt if it’s cold… at the end of the day if we’re going to go out for a walk dressed and pretty plaid with body or always comfortable t-shirt!

Which brand of stroller chose? are you enjoying? Sttoke! LOVE made a very nice post about him on the blog here


Which brand of bag you have and what are the sizes? the bag comes in stokke, never had to buy other.

How was your experience with breastfeeding? Gente…eu I think as follows, not all will agree, but I think that Breastfeeding needs and should be pleasurable for the mother and the baby. If one of the two start feeling any hassle, I think it’s the time to talk with your doctor. No matter how long you are breast-feeding. Needs to be good for both of us! The best time of breastfeeding is undoubtedly the swap with the baby, the love, the experience of breastfeeding. I had TOO MUCH milk and Catherine had no strength to sugar, tired and slept. So in the end she was hungry, why not fed properly. I do not enter with the bottle because I didn’t want her to get used with the nozzle of the bottle, I started doing her schedules. When I saw, I was breastfeeding every hour! Then I started taking milk and give the bottle to space feedings and we were in the middle of the night. Milk me it hurt too much. My chest was empedrando, she was hungry… anyway I have add-on! Catherine Amementei for 2 and a half months.

Have you experienced any difficulty in everyday life after the birth of her? In the maternity ward is all a wonder huh?… Meeeeu God… when I got home I couldn’t get out of bed! I was in a lot of pain in the lower back. After 3 days without raising literally the bed I was taking and discovered that I had time for Bowl offset childbirth! I had c-section… is less common–more happens when the baby is sooo docked. Yeah… were 28 days with virtually no floor, wearing a vest, crutch.. and with a newborn at home… and the detail of breastfeeding up!!! rs rs! But that’s okay! Happiness was so great … that made up for everything! Beautiful of my life!

How is your routine with her? Well… the routine of a day at home because sometimes we go to the Club, Grandma’s, anyway … then change right: but by 9:00 she wake up, then we’re going to brush your teeth together, we had coffee, play, and she goes down to play. I work at home, then take care of my stuff. She climbs Watch DVD, we have lunch, take a bath, make Shelby. I’m at home so I’m with her all the time. While she sleeps I keep doing my stuff. When she wakes up, she takes the snack and go for a walk here in the neighborhood, or even my mother who lives nearby. Or so when I have a lot to do To (my ex nanny q today helps me with everything at home, but she leaves the 5:00 pm) helps me, and plays with her here in the building. When I’m more relaxed, we wake up and go to the club just me and her, swimming pool, and back until the end of the day!…. At 19:30 she has dinner and dad arrives. My husband and I had dinner and she stays with us playing. She takes a shower with Daddy to relax and 9:00 pm go to bed! Shelby time!!! rs rs!!! He sleeps all night? If yes since how long? started sleeping with some 9 months!

A hint of mother who considers infallible: Whenever you want to talk, teach something or even give a bronquinha. Converse always, tone of voice, calm and peaceful, at the time of the child and looking into her eyes, is an amazing way of them understand and learn quickly what you mean! Encourage the children to learn too fast. Paste adhesives of food in the Chair and go teaching your child foods go learning!

An unforgettable moment with her: It’s going to be cliche, but every second, every minute, all are unforgettable!

A super useful item: electronic nanny with camera and electronic nose cleaner, I used a lot when she was a baby girl, and kept cold with stuffy nose and needed to blow!!! Gave a lot of heart, because they can’t … and he takes everything!!!! Us the baby don’t like … but the relief is absurd!!! Very good! Indico! is this one… Our site.

Something you bought and did not use her: aquecedeor of pre-moistened towelette, bought and never used.

Want to have more kids:? Yes another!

Being a mother is: is to win a new heart where is unique to a single person. He lives to her. .. Don’t sleep for her, not for her, it’s the most wonderful gift that God has given me!