Inspire Your Look: Casual with Sneakers

OII us! I’ve missed writing to you! We were on a break here in the blog for personal reasons. But, it’s time to go back and to resume with the posts here on the blog, of course, we “Inspire her Look super beautiful for you! Bora check?
Who join us know who recently spent a few days on vacation in Porto Alegre/RS and there, we pretty much just looks more casual and comfortable! Vacation is vacation right people, look! Hahaha.

In one of the days the Rai used a look super cute and decided to photograph and share with you! A combination super easy to compose and that you will be able to play also according to cancermatters.
All the parts were bought recently, some are to promote and show all of our latest purchases there in the channel, so if you haven’t checked out the video, click here and watch!
Also recorded another super cool video where we had a battle of buying in Riachuelo, looks I wonder who won? Click here to find out!
Now let’s get to the point?
Rai combined high-waisted jeans light wash-which by the way were looking for already a long time-with a beautiful light pink sweater with very nice details in front, for sure is the key piece of composition!
The cardigan gold in addition to elongate the body, left the look more harmonious. Because the high-waist is a striking detail and the cardigan longer softened and completed the proposal.
On her feet, the shoes that is our newest little Darling! A casual model but at the same time super stylish, combined very well with the rest of the look, white sneakers is always a great choice, don’t miss it!
A cool tip is always double the trouser bar for use with casual sneakers, is a detail that makes all the difference, offering more prominence at the feet and also a touch of style to your pants!
The great advantage of this look is the color palette. We are using very Golden, white and Rosemary-lime lately, I dare say you are our favorite colors! They are very soft and lend an air of delicacy, we love!
Check out the photos and where are the parts:
We hope you enjoyed your look and inspired! Remember that you can check out more pictures and tips through our Instagram @tudoemdosedupla and the hashtag #looktdd so follow us there too!
See you next post! A super double Kiss!