Inspirations for Children’s Party!

Hello friends, today our post is mega special! Do you know why? Because it was made by you, the dear readers of Luxury guess who kindly made the challenge to help us build this matter! A little over a week ago we had a post about the work of photographer Andrea Alves, who has a blog where she put several pictures full of tips for children’s party decorations. (Do you remember? SEE HERE). Anyway, it was a great success! We’ve received several comments and e-mails from moms who loved the idea and asked for more inspirations for children’s parties. It was then that we decided to ask for the collaboration of our palpiteiras, which quickly sent us hundreds of pictures of girls, boys birthdays, baby shower, various suggestions very cute for children’s parties!

That’s what Luxury guess search: share ideas, creativity, good taste, willpower, get our tips make a difference every day! And as they say… “the voice of the people is the voice of God”… below are the inspirations submitted by our readers!

Tatiana Malik

Tatiana sent us photos 1 year anniversary of your niece (that aunt owl, huh?!). The party was all prepared by her and by your mother, grandmother of the birthday boy. The decor was in pink tones, with bear party! A charm!

Miriam Arazini

A Personal Chef Jennifer Arazini sent us pictures of candy she has for several children’s parties. The clicks below are the Bruna shower Ceci Marques Barzotto, cuteness …

The photo below is of the souvenir of the 1 year anniversary of Jennifer’s nephew, son of Lara Arazini Garcia Nunes. The theme of the party was “Angel”! Legal neh?!

Giselle Azambuja

Giselle sent us flashes of parties who have already prepared for the son. Each year a new…

Karina Freitas G. B. Marin

Karina sent us photos of the party that she prepared for the children of 5 years, Karlos, and Teresita, of 2 years. She did everything, including the customized!

Jaqueline Moraes and Joelma Bajrami

The readers Jaqueline and Joelma work with children’s parties and has a specialized company in this sector. They did question to send us photos of some parties that have organized! Very cute…

Erica Cell

Erica’s Manager also works with decoration and organization of children’s parties. She sent some flashes to provide inspiration for our readers!

Bruna Brigatti Valentin

Bruna spared no creativity and innovation, chose the theme “Van and Beetle” to celebrate the 2-year-old son’s Vitor. Very cool and different… we love it!