Inditex Group Swimwear Collections: Zara, Bershka and Pull & Bear

The new swimwear collections of brands of Inditex Group are already available in stores and on the websites of brands. Learn everything with us.

Some of the fast-fashion brands have already shared their collections of pieces ofswimwear, and here we highlight 3 of the Inditex group.

The Spanish Bershka, Pull and Bear and Zara suggest this summer a set of suitable pieces to various audiences.

Among them, sets of bikinis of 2 pieces in triangle, with frills on bandeau and also the ever popular bathing suits, which appear in various standards and formats.

We found many references assumed cool style of the years 90, with bathing suits dug, sparkles and frilly necklines. The pieces arrive with various finishes as the tropical patterned geometric and monochrome and Oriental floral. There are also parts with a mix of tropical, metallic effects and embossed details.

The most important thing is that the new collection is versatile enough for what is not, necessarily, exclusive to the beach. The bodies and bralettes can also be combined with looks of everyday serving until to go out at night.

Find out some of the pieces that are part of the new collections and start preparing the wardrobe for the warm season.