Impressions and Swatches: Nail Polishes

Today I show you the six nail polish from the Marcel Ostertag Collection of Manhattan, which I received some time ago for testing. The LE moved into the Manhattan bar in the middle of March and is available for a total of six months, ie until mid-September. In addition to the nail polish, there are also four eyeshadow pallets in the LE. Meanwhile, I have tested four of the six paints and would like to share my impressions with you.

This is what Manhattan says:
Extra fast drying formulation
Long-lasting, intense colors
Exceptional color gloss
Content / Price: 7ml for 2,99 € / 5,90 CHF
The lacquers are small mini-bottles, which I personally not bad, because when do you get a nail polish?  The colors all have a cream finish and are, in my opinion, little spectacular.Nevertheless, I find some colors very pretty, but I do not think I would have bought one of them.My collection is simply already so large and similar is already there already in it. The names of the paints are not always on the bottle, but only the numbers. Very bad, because I can remember names more and more and they lift a varnish also from the mass The opacity and durability I found with the paints I tested mediocre according to
001 “Fashion Fleur”

Fashion Fleur is a bright nudeton, depending on the light, the rosé / peach tone is more apparent. I think the color is not bad and it also harmonizes with my skin tone, which is always a bit difficult with nudetones. However, I found the order very cumbersome. The varnish is relatively tough and requires at least two layers, sometimes even three, to make it opaque. It looks relatively uneven on the nails, which can be remedied with a layer Top Coat but again.
002 Pretty Tulip
Pretty Tulip is an orange tone with more red as a gel, which makes me personally very well wearable. I’m not very fond of wearing bright orange such as the OPI “Atomic Orange” in everyday life. The Pretty Tulip is certainly more often on my nails, for me a beautiful summer color.
003 “Catwalk Berry”
Catwalk Bery is a great red tone with a slightly pink undertone. The lacquer was directly on my nails first and covered with two layers relatively well. The durability was also okay. A beautiful color, which I will certainly wear more often.
004 “Runway Rose”
The Runway Rose is a bright pink, which unfortunately is not my case at all. Therefore, the varnish so far not yet on my nails.
005 “Camera Cutie”
Camera Cutie is a pure Grauton, which I personally very much like. For me the most extraordinary color in the LE. It fits in my opinion but better in the autumn / winter.
006 “Dark Vogue”
Dark Vogue is a dark brown tone that I can imagine for the autumn. Since I’m just in spring mood, I have not painted it yet.