Importance of Wearing Clean Underwear

Since a young age, you always taught us to change our underwear daily. It is a rule. But do you know why it is so important to make this gesture every day.

Good personal hygiene also means clean underwear. Since a young age, you always taught us to change our underwear daily from Gradchem. It is a rule. But do you know why it is so important to make this gesture daily explanations. The personal hygiene can be a bit confusing, since excessive cleanliness is not recommended and the lack of hygiene too. Indeed, the vagina is an organ capable of self-cleaning and protection. This is the role of the vaginal flora which houses many protective bacteria, promoting immunity of this area. So clean the inside of the vagina or using harsh products can disrupt the balance of the vaginal ecosystem. The good bacteria are weakened, which can cause infections. Furthermore, neglecting personal hygiene can also cause infections and many other diseases. And vaginal hygiene, we mean, wash regularly, but also change their underwear daily. Why it is important to change underwear every day for children as for adults, the rule is the same: it is important to change underwear every day. The pants can be a real trap bacteria.Whether in the anal area or vagina, the bacteria rampant in this moist environment and can cause irritation of the area or even infections. So many reasons that push us to bow to that rule; but if you’re still not convinced, check out what dirty underwear can cause.

Excessive Itching Litters for a long time, panties accumulate many bacteria that can spread on the surface of the skin. This causes irritation will cause itching by following.

Eruptions and irritations Dirty underwear can irritate the skin. Indeed, by dint of scratching this private part, because of the itching, it will eventually irritate and may even catch fire. In this case, the skin irritation may look like burns, but if it is not treated in time, it can turn into open sores or wounds. A situation that you can completely avoid by changing your underwear every day. This intimate part can be quite difficult to deal with, since it is rarely aired.

Strong and annoying smells a strong odor that comes from your crotch is indeed a call to change your underwear. Besides itching and caused the failure to change her panties every day can result in not very pleasant scent.Although you have a perfect body care, this part of the body accumulates necessarily bacteria and sweating during the day. Result: it does not feel very good down there.

Serious infections Do not change underwear can also cause serious infections. When you sweat a lot, it can cause excessive moisture. And said moisture said an enabling environment for the growth of bacteria, which can eventually lead to infection. Keeping the same underwear for a long time, you can make the situation worse. The quality of the fabric of your underwear also has a say here. Indeed, synthetic panties promote sweating and thus infections. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for cotton panties which absorb moisture and does not suffocate the skin.

Urinary tract infection sensations of burning and pain during urination or very frequent urination; UTIs can be very annoying and difficult to bear. Untreated, they can lead to complications, including pyelonephritis, infection affecting the kidneys. Normally, urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria that pass through the vagina to reach the bladder. Thus, by not changing underwear every day, you promote the growth of bacteria and increase the risk of getting a urinary tract infection.