IKEA Expedit Shelf LED Lighting

LED lighting need not be expensive as he is commonly believed.
Yourself, if it is a little handyman and have some time, can perform an installation simple LED lighting but with spectacular results.
There are facilities, how to add linear lighting based on led furniture strips that are very easy to perform, and that, in reality, with suitable material, is not necessary to intervene in the electrical installation of the housing to enhance the connection, because it will be plugged into a wall outlet.
Here is a clear and simple example, with an excellent result.

IKEA Expedit Shelf LED Lighting

We suggest here as transforming a Cabinet shelving Expedit series #IKEA lit Bookstore, serving both ambient light and reinforcement in an infant room.

Material needed:

-Shelving IKEA Expedit. Here we rely on small 4 × 4 model

– Flexible led Strip self-adhesive. We recommend that you have 6-9W per linear metre, and 2700 K or 3000 K color temperature, to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.We will need 4 lengths of approximately 130 cms each of them, with wiring in 1 end.
-12 strips of 1x1cms or 1 × 1.5 cm and 33.5 cms in length each, to cover the Strip led in each space of shelving, which is us Strip behind the bar to hide it from view. We want to see the light, not the Strip, thus it is very elegant.
-1 power supply, of power according to the length and power strips to mount. We recommend sources Meanwell.
-1.5 meters of tripolar cable section 1
-2 meters bipolar cable of 0.5 of section
-2 meters of self-adhesive channel, the finest possible. In this it has usdo 0.75 x 1.75
-Heat-shrink sleeve sealer to seal joints of the cables of the strips (only the low voltage – DC12v or DC24v, – depending on model of employee Strip)
-Industrial Assembly adhesive to attach the slats
-1 string of terminals
-Optional: a switch/push from foot to turn on and turn off if the plug where we go to connect shelving is not controlled by a switch or wall mechanism.

Lighting LED IKEA Expedit Shelving Assembly:

We recommend that shelving either white, since it reflects more light and the effect of led strips stands out much more, but can be done on any shelf or color that is. Keep in mind you’ll have to paint the colour of shelving slats, so the effect will look made tailored by a professional.
In the case of the example IKEA Expedit shelving was Birch color, so it is slightly lijó and was painted over in white, looking for an effect somewhat bleached vintage, so fashionable lately. The same was done with slats.
Shelving was painted, dismantled piece by piece, taking advantage of a small splitting in the vertical square pieces that act as separators between cube and cube, about 2 cm of width by depth, to pass the Strip led through them and facilitate as well installation, reducing joints to 4 instead of 12 to perform and thus workcabling, etc. making a cleaner Assembly finish. The hendiuras should be about 10 cm from the front of the shelf. The light source should be on the 1st third of the total depth of the Cabinet forward.
Once the dried paint are positioned vertical square pieces with their corresponding upper crosspiece of shelving, and is not a pencil marks the point where we will set the Strip led, right in the Centre of the hendiuras made. We get the pieces square and long horizontal parts, always at the bottom, and on the pencil marks, put the Strip led, taking into account that all the wires are on the same side.
Rather than making the mark with a pencil, you can leverage mounting strips, and then these will be those who make us guide to place the Strip flexible led. Care must be taken that they are well aligned, and that hide the dimples on the vertical square pieces.
Once mounted shelving, fixed led strips and the slats in place by hiding the Strip view, missing installation of wiring and power supply. So you have to take the measurement from the led Strip to the bottom of the shelf, and cut 4 pieces of the adhesive channel, which will serve to hide the wires to the view. Place the channel on the top of each shelf to make it look as much as possible, we will carry out joint bipolar cable wires, always keeping the colors of the polarity (red with black-negative-positive-and blue-Brown), and Thermo-seal each joint with a cigarette lighter.
In the rear frame of the shelf we will place in vertical consecutive channel bits of a shelf to another, leaving 1 cm between each section in order to add the cable from each shelf and lower it to the bottom of everything, where with a power strip will join them all. Very important. always keep the polarity or strips will not turn on. Cables+all together and cables-all together.

Connection to network:

We recommend the use of power supplies MEANWELL, specifically the series HLG version with built-in junction (junction box) at each end boxes. In this way we can make a secure connection that will be isolated, both in low voltages (output) connection to network (input).
Meanwell HLG font with junction box
They are a number of sources that you can also use theMEANWELL series PLC, since they also have a system of connections with terminals hidden, for safety, they are more expensive than the HLG series, but housing is plastic, not aluminum, which gives less resistance to impacts.
You have to splice the wires coming from the shelf in the output of the power supply (Dc12v or 24v, according to strip and supply), always keeping the polarity.
Later, will make connection of input source HLG 3 cables (phase, ground and neutral). In the case of supplies series PLC, we have only 2 input cables (phase and neutral).
Close source to leave caps conexionas them isolated, and as a final step assemble the male plug at the other end of the tripolar cable connected to the source input.
Once done, we can already plug the and turn on the shelf and already only is fill it with books, toys and everything that will fit us in it.
This installation is not difficult, it’s entertaining. You have to be very methodical and orderly, especially with the mating of the wiring and its polarity, so that everything works perfectly, and the end result worth the effort and time spend.